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Ching-Fang Lin


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About Ching-Fang Lin

Ching-Fang Lin is most well known for directing, and has 1 known credits, of which 0 are movies, and 1 are TV shows.

Ching-Fang Lin’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Ching-Fang Lin’s shows you should definitely watch Miss in Kiss (2016), as with 10.0 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. Miss in Kiss (2016)

1. Miss in Kiss (2016)

The drama TV show Miss in Kiss has a rating Friendspire of 10.0 and 7.7 on IMDb. Ching-Fang Lin was directing in this show!

Frequently asked questions

What is Ching-Fang most known for?

Ching-Fang Lin is most known for directing. Ching-Fang has worked on 0 movies and 1 TV shows.

What is Ching-Fang Lin’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is Miss in Kiss, which has a score of 10.0.

Ching-Fang’s Filmography

Executive producer. After an earthquake destroyed Xiang Qin's house, she and her father moved in with the family of her father's college buddy, Uncle Ah Li. To her surprise, the kind and amicable aunt and uncle are the parents of her cold and distant schoolmate Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius with an IQ of 200 whom not too long ago rejected her endless crush on him. Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu's heart? Or, will her love for him end under his cold words? What happens when there is competition for his heart?

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