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Choe Seok


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Executive producer. Ha In-young has suffered for years under her husband, Kang Suk-wu. He's kept her captive with his loss of humanity and sexual depravation. In-young yearns for an unknown world. One day, In-young meets Min Byung-gu but Byung-gu leaves her. In-young leaves her husband and even her young daughter Ha-mi. Ha-mi searches madly for her mother. Chairman Kang, Suk-wu's father, understands why his daughter-in-law has run away. Suk-wu anguishes over the actions of his father and daughter. Suk-wu regains his sexual masculinity which he had lost for years. He forgives In-young and receives her again.

Executive producer. A woman refuses to give into her fiance's desire that she take a job as a secretary in his father's office. Instead she eventually decides to try to make a life for herself with fatal results.

Executive producer. A thief discovers a poor student who resembles a rich man's son and coerces him to join his plan to steal a large sum of money.

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