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Chris Allen


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About Chris Allen

Chris Allen is most well known for acting, and has 13 known credits, of which 13 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Chris Allen’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Chris Allen’s movies you should definitely watch Boss of Rawhide (1943) Chris has worked on!

  1. Boss of Rawhide (1943)
  2. Big Calibre (1935)
  3. Arizona Bound (1941)
  4. The Gay Caballero (1940)
  5. Tombstone Terror (1935)

1. Boss of Rawhide (1943 Movie)

The best rated movie Chris Allen has been a part of is the western movie Boss of Rawhide, where they had the role of Man at Minstrel Show. It has a rating 5.8 on IMDb.

2. Big Calibre (1935)

Big Calibre has a rating on 5.7 on IMDb . Chris Allen worked on this western movie as Man at Dance.

3. Arizona Bound (1941)

In Arizona Bound Chris Allen was worked as Toast the Knowing. This action, western movie has a rating on 5.7 on IMDb.

4. The Gay Caballero (1940)

This western movie has a rating on 6.1 on IMDb. In The Gay Caballero Chris Allen had the role of Man at Fiesta.

5. Tombstone Terror (1935)

Chris Allen was a part of the movie Tombstone Terror as Barfly. This western movie has a rating 6.1 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

What is Chris most known for?

Chris Allen is most known for acting. Chris has worked on 13 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Chris Allen’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Boss of Rawhide, which has a score of 0.0.

Chris’s Filmography

As Man at Minstrel Show. Texas Rangers Tex Wyatt, Jim Steele and Panhandle Perkins are sent to the district of Rawhide to investigate the killings of several ranchers. Tex enters the town posing as a tramp while the other two Rangers join a troupe of itinerant minstrels.

As Man at Dance. Intent on avenging his father's murder, Roy Neal and his sidekick Rusty find themselves in the border town of Gladstone where Neal is mistakenly arrested for the robbery of a mail truck. After escaping, Neal joins up with pretty June Bowers whose father has apparently also been murdered. Neal, suspecting two of the town's leading businessmen of being the murderers, tries to flush them out before the sheriff can lock him up again.

As Gives Directions. The Rough Riders are called in to help save Master's stage line. Taggart has his gang robbing the stages and shooting the drivers. When Buck drives the next stage, Taggart's men rob it and then make it look like Roberts is part of the gang. Written by Maurice Van Auken

As Man at Fiesta. The Cisco Kid and his buddy Gordito arrive in town and learn that Cisco is supposedly dead. Not only that: Before his death, he is believed to have attempted to steal Susan Wetherby's land.

As Barfly. Jimmy Dixon, pursued by a band of Mexicans, changes clothes with a tramp, who takes off on his horse. Four miles later, Jimmy walks onto the Double-O Ranch, from which he had been thrown off four years before by his dad, who had blamed Jimmy for something that his twin brother Duke had done. Duke, home from college, took over the ranch when Mr. Dixon became ill, and has run it into the ground. When Duke goes to the bank to repay a debt to Jimmy, he rides onto Phoenix with all of the ranch money.

As Townsman. Clay gets a musical troop out af jail and helps raise money so they can put on their show. During the performance Blake and his men rob the box office. The townsmen give chase and Clay goes after Blake.

As Townsman. Burton is after Clark's ranch. He gets the banker to refuse to renew Clark's note and then sends his men to rustle his cattle. Hoppy is Clark's new foreman and is on to Burton's scheme. But just as he learns of the rustling and is about to go after the gang, the Sheriff arrives and arrests him for hiding Johnny who has been accused of robbery.

As Race Spectator (uncredited). Frank Sr. sells his supplies to Hook, but then Hook has the Bannion Boys bushwhack his wagon to get the money back. Frank is murdered, but Junior gets away. He comes back 10 years later to settle the score as the Singing Cowboy. He finds that Hook is still doing his dirty deeds on the unsuspecting people. Along the way, Frank meets the lovely Jen, who came out in the same wagon train 10 years before.

As Cafe Counter Man. Scully has forced Joe Collins who works on the Garcia ranch to give him information so his men can steal the family jewels. But the Rough Riders are on the job. Buck poses as a wanted outlaw to get into the gang, Tim as a cattle buyer, and Sandy is collecting information as the saloon janitor. As usual they pretend not to know each other. Written by Maurice Van Auken

As Townsman. A singing postal inspector (Gene Autry) and his partner (Smiley Burnette) save a woman's (Gail Davis) estate from fraud.

As Cantina Patron. Western - When football player Tex fletcher arives home he finds his father missing. Jim Davis has killed the father and learning of Tex's identity - Tex Fletcher, Joan Barclay, Ralph Peters

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