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Christos Natsios


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About Christos


1 January 1937

Place of Birth:

Likoudi Elassonas, Larissa, Greece

Christos’s Filmography

As Policeman - Greece. U.S geologist (Sam Waterston) discovers something about Oil that proves VERY threatening to the Turkish and Arab business people.

As policeman. Liza falls in love with one of her father's employees. Her socialistic ideas about employment drive her to collide with her father and the sociopolitical status of the time.

Executive producer. Thanasis (Thanasis Vengos) is an honest working man who has to support his sister’s family as well, as Maria’s husband is only interested in football. Thanasis is in love with Juliet (Aimilia Ypsilanti), daughter of a rough butcher from Mani, who wants to have her marry a sausage-tycoon.

As Stavrou, Chief of Police. An ex cop arrives in Athens after the murder of his wife. Approached by the chief of police, he reluctantly agrees to help take down a mafia ring. Thus begins a circle of blood that becomes more and more violent as the hero goes deeper into the case. When he is asked to abandon his mission, he refuses; nothing seems able to stop the violent outburst of a man desperately looking for catharsis

Executive producer. An adaptation of one of the greatest greek novellas ('The Murderess' by Alexandros Papadiamantis). Fragkogiannou (Maria Alkaiou), a hard-done by, deranged woman after a life full of hardship, recalls the past by her newborn girl grandchild’s crib. Her mother was a wicked woman and one of her sons was a criminal. Lost in a haze, she strangles the baby as she is concvinced that girls can cause their family only trouble. Later, she lets a little girl drown in a well, while she drowns three other little girls, one of whom is a newborn baby. This is her way of sparing children and parents of the inevitable suffering in life.

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