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Clyde McClary


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About Clyde McClary

Clyde McClary is most well known for acting, and has 30 known credits, of which 30 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Clyde McClary’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Clyde McClary’s movies you should definitely watch The Boss Cowboy (1934) Clyde has worked on!

  1. The Boss Cowboy (1934)
  2. The Cowboy and the Bandit (1935)
  3. Ride 'em, Cowgirl (1939)
  4. The Fighting Cowboy (1933)
  5. The Roaming Cowboy (1937)

1. The Boss Cowboy (1934 Movie)

The best rated movie Clyde McClary has been a part of is the western movie The Boss Cowboy, where they had the role of Tubby (ranch hand). It has a rating 3.5 on IMDb.

2. The Cowboy and the Bandit (1935)

The Cowboy and the Bandit has a rating on 5.8 on IMDb . Clyde McClary worked on this western movie as Henchman.

3. Ride 'em, Cowgirl (1939)

In Ride 'em, Cowgirl Clyde McClary was worked as Toast the Knowing. This music, western movie has a rating on 5.8 on IMDb.

4. The Fighting Cowboy (1933)

This western movie has a rating on 3.8 on IMDb. In The Fighting Cowboy Clyde McClary had the role of Saloon Drunk / Guitar Player.

5. The Roaming Cowboy (1937)

Clyde McClary was a part of the movie The Roaming Cowboy as Posse Rider. This movie has a rating 5.1 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

What is Clyde most known for?

Clyde McClary is most known for acting. Clyde has worked on 30 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Clyde McClary’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Boss Cowboy, which has a score of 0.0.

Clyde’s Filmography

As Tubby (ranch hand). Both Nolan and Ross are losing cattle and Ross' foreman Kerns is the culprit. When Taylor finds a wanted poster of Kerns he goes after him.

As Henchman. Bill travels to a new state after the outlaw Scarface saves him from a lynch mob. There he takes a job on the Barton ranch and joins in the fight against gang leader Larkin. Finding a wounded Scarface he helps him recover. Arrested by Larkin's stooge Sheriff, and with another lynch mob after him, he once again needs Scarface's help.

As Henchman. Sandy Doyle, gambler and political chief of a small border town, seeks to gain control of the Bar-X Ranch, owned by Rufe Rickson, to further some undercover activities of his own. He counts on Rickson's inability to stay away from gambling as the means to his ultimate success. Government investigator Oliver Shea and his assistant, Dan Haggerty, start a fight in Doyle's place when they see Rickson being cheated and are invited to the Bar-X where Oliver and Helen Rickson, Rufe's daughter, discover interest in each other and Dan finds himself pursued by Bell, the ranch cook. Sheriff Larson brings the prize money for the $5,000 race of the Rodeo Association, and that night it is stolen.

As Saloon Drunk / Guitar Player. Bill Carson arrives and tells Cash Horton that his supposedly worthless mine contains valuable tungsten. Duke learns of the mine's value and tries to have them both killed. Failing, he has the Sheriff arrest Bill for murder. Unknown to Bill and the Sheriff, the victim is alive and well.

As Posse Rider. Two cowboys come upon a boy whose father has just been murdered. They promise to help find his killers.

As Brawler. A rich society mother hires a male escort, but he falls for her daughter instead. The mother-daughter conflict forces the daughter to run off to stay with a friend who is enslaved by a prostitution ring.

As Townsman. Trouble starts when Bill Larkins and his two sons move in with his brother Joe. They start rustling cattle and then kill Rod's father with Joe's gun. The Sheriff and Rod think they did it and are after proof.

As Barfly. Cowboy star Ken Maynard is Jim "Trigger" Morton, in town undercover while pursuing the man who framed him for robbery. But a well-placed shot tames a band of scofflaws and gains Morton the sheriff's badge. Now, he's riding on both sides of the law. The line is further blurred when old buddy Chuck (Walter Long) offers evidence of Morton's innocence in exchange for a blind eye to Chuck's impending postal heist in this classic Western.

As Henchman. A cowboy recently released from prison is determined to go straight, but he winds up in a tough western town where he finds trouble everywhere.

As Townsman. Western - Singing cowboy Tex Saunders (Tex Ritter) finds himself in a heap of trouble when he agrees to investigate local gangsters at the behest of a lovely lady (Eleanor Stewart). As payment for his pains, he's framed by a saloon owner (Warner Richmond) for killing bad guy Red Dugan (James Mason) and forced to sweat it out in jail. Will his faithful sidekick, Chilo (Syd Saylor), show up to save his skin … or will Tex have a date with the gallows? - Tex Ritter, Warner Richmond, Eleanor Stewart

As Drunk. Ken and Happy, looking for their friend Cherokee, run into an outlaw gang led by Ritter who have been terrorizing the ranchers. Ken figures that one of the prominent citizens is the real boss and sets a trap to find him.

As Henchman. Young Dave Austin (Bob Steele) hunts down the varmint who murdered his father in this B Western. Austin tracks killer Jim Hatfield (Warner Richmond) to his hideout, a Mexican cantina where Hatfield and his ruthless gang terrorize the locals. After being deputized, the courageous Austin allows himself to be captured by the gang and devises an ingenious plan to turn the bad guys against one another. Lorraine Randall co-stars.

As Hard-Pan Willis. An elderly rancher writes to his son to come home and help him fight against a bandit gang that is trying to take over the ranch.

As Henchman. An agent tracking down a man who disappeared in the mysterious "Ghost Mountain" area discovers discovers the hideout of a gang of murderous outlaws.

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