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Dario Yazbek Bernal


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About Dario


30 November 1990

Place of Birth:

Ciudad de México, México

Dario’s Filmography

As Julián De la Mora. The outward perfection of a family-run flower business hides a dark side rife with dysfunctional secrets in this darkly humorous comedy series.

As Alan. In the near future, a popular uprising in Mexico City interrupts a wedding held at the home of a wealthy family. After the riots have been quashed, they discover the bride has gone missing and plea with the military to help locate her.

As Alberto Bazbaz. When a girl vanishes from a suburb near Mexico City, the personal goals of some involved in the case muddy the search. Based on a true story.

As The Boy. A comedy short about the Grim Reaper bored with her job trying to cope with her unrequited love for another.

As Dario. Andrea is devastated after learning her sister has leukemia, but a closer look will reveal that there is something hidden in her psyche.

As Pablo. Expelled from school, Alonso flees to Paris to meet his brother Pablo, who has cut all ties with his family and lives carelessly with his girlfriend Valeria. The sudden appearance of Alonso stirs Pablo's life exposing the brothers distant relationship and the lies in which he has built his new persona.

Executive producer. The De La Mora siblings concoct a mischievous plan to break into their old family home to retrieve a hidden treasure of significant importance.

As Daniel. While taking a road trip in their last attempt to fix their marriage, Carlos and Ofelia encounter a young mirror image of what they used to be.

As Ben. When Corsica finds a message from a stranger on her boyfriend Ben's phone, a spiral of unexpected truths breaks out.

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