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David Kirkland


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About David Kirkland

David Kirkland is a 143 years old male from San Francisco, California, USA. David is most well known for directing, and has 24 known credits, of which 24 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

David Kirkland’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy David Kirkland’s movies you should definitely watch The Grapes of Wrath (1940), as with 7.8 it is the highest rated movie David has worked on!

  1. The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
  2. The Crippled Hand (1916)
  3. A Virtuous Vamp (1919)
  4. The Tough Guy (1926)
  5. This Land Is Mine (1943)

1. The Grapes of Wrath (1940 Movie)

The best rated movie David Kirkland has been a part of is the drama movie The Grapes of Wrath, where they had the role of directing. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.8 and 8.1 on IMDb.

2. The Crippled Hand (1916)

David Kirkland worked on this drama movie as directing.

3. A Virtuous Vamp (1919)

In A Virtuous Vamp David Kirkland was worked as director. This comedy, romance, rom-com movie has a rating on 6.4 on IMDb.

4. The Tough Guy (1926)

In The Tough Guy David Kirkland had the role of directing.

5. This Land Is Mine (1943)

David Kirkland was a part of the movie This Land Is Mine as directing. This drama, war movie has a rating 7.5 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

When was David Kirkland born?

David Kirkland’s birthday is on 26 November 1878.

What is David Kirkland’s gender?

David Kirkland is male.

Where was David Kirkland born?

David Kirkland was born in San Francisco, California, USA.

What is David most known for?

David Kirkland is most known for directing. David has worked on 24 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is David Kirkland’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Grapes of Wrath, which has a score of 7.8.

David’s Filmography

As Migrant (uncredited). Tom Joad returns to his home after a jail sentence to find his family kicked out of their farm due to foreclosure. He catches up with them on his Uncle’s farm, and joins them the next day as they head for California and a new life... Hopefully.

Executive producer. Diminutive heroine Ella Hall dreams that she's Cinderella, and that a wealthy gentleman of her acquaintance (played by Leonard) is her Prince Charming. All of this takes place during a musical stage production of Cinderella, a sequence distinguished by its authentic backstage atmosphere.

Executive producer. A flirtatious young woman takes a job in a busy office, where her presence is terribly disruptive. None of the men in the office can concentrate on their jobs while her charms are on display. Of course, she sets her eye on the one man who seems oblivious to her.

As Judge. Somewhere in Europe, in a city occupied by the Nazis, a gentle school teacher finds himself torn between collaboration and resistance, cowardice and courage.

Executive producer. Mack Swain is making a dress for Louise Fazenda. He discovers his dressmaker's dummy requires his adjustment, so he pulls out his hatchet for the job. Through the window shade, onlookers -- including her husband -- see him as killing a woman.

As Elder. Based on the story of the famous Mormon leader, it follows Brigham Young and his challenge to transport his people across the Rocky mountains to settle in Salt Lake City. The plot focuses on two fictitious characters, Jonathan Kent and Zina Webb and the hardships they have to face along the way.

Executive producer. Miss Devore plays Tommy, a young woman who runs a boarding house for her father, an inventor of eccentric devices, and the boarders are the usual collection of neurotics in such an effort.

As Mr. Smithers. In this comedy, Constance Talmadge plays Babs, a girl who is thrown out of boarding school because she's more interested in studying romance than she is in studying books. The object of her affections is Jim Winthrop, but before they can wed, he has to find suitable mates for his two plain sisters, Dorcas and Matilda -- and Winthrop's elderly aunt, too. To speed things up, Babs takes it upon herself to find them all men.

Executive producer. Dean Randall is a hero of the Great War who comes home to his horse and his father's ranch. When back he saves a family in a wagon train -- a father, daughter Grace, and three orphan children.

Executive producer. Wondering cowboy Bart Andrews (played by Fred Thompson) gets arrested simply because a crooked sheriff is short on men for his chain gang. A chance visit to a rodeo on the way to jail, gives Bart a chance to demonstrate his bronco-busting skills, which results in the sheriff caving to pressure from a group of cowboys, to allow Bart to work on ranch, rather than joining the road gang. Finding himself in the right place at the right time, Bart is able to prevent the theft of a train full of cattle, but later ends up being accused of killing a station agent when he interrupts the ranch foreman robbing an express office. Bart is eventually able to bring the foreman to justice, and in a surprise twist, it turns out that he was in fact the real owner of the ranch he was working at!

Executive producer. Mary Blake can charm any man, young or old, with her winning ways -- except for the one she really wants. James Stanhope is a misogynist who won't give her the time of day.

Executive producer. Georgiana Chadbourne is a young widow. Her dead husband was such a straight arrow that it bored her, and after a proper enough mourning period, she goes out in search of adventure. She gets in trouble for picking flowers in Central Park, but is rescued by Jack Garrison, who she mistakes for an artistic, bohemian type of character.

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