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Donna Gimeno


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About Donna Gimeno

Donna Gimeno is most well known for acting, and has 7 known credits, of which 7 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Donna Gimeno’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Donna Gimeno’s movies you should definitely watch Confessional (2007) Donna has worked on!

  1. Confessional (2007)
  2. The Final Toll (2010)
  3. Not Like Us (2011)
  4. The Dream of Eleuteria (2010)
  5. Friday Friday (2011)

1. Confessional (2007 Movie)

The best rated movie Donna Gimeno has been a part of is the comedy, drama, thriller movie Confessional, where they had the role of Miguel's Wife. It has a rating 8.1 on IMDb.

2. The Final Toll (2010)

Donna Gimeno worked on this movie as teen Agnes.

3. Not Like Us (2011)

In Not Like Us Donna Gimeno was worked as Toast the Knowing. This horror movie has a rating on 7.4 on IMDb.

4. The Dream of Eleuteria (2010)

This drama movie has a rating on 4.1 on IMDb. In The Dream of Eleuteria Donna Gimeno had the role of .

5. Friday Friday (2011)

Donna Gimeno was a part of the movie Friday Friday as Dia (Segment "Dia ug Guada").

Frequently asked questions

What is Donna most known for?

Donna Gimeno is most known for acting. Donna has worked on 7 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Donna Gimeno’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Confessional, which has a score of 0.0.

Donna’s Filmography

As Miguel's Wife. A documentary filmmaker from Manila sets out to cover the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, but gets in over his head when he meets a retired, corrupt politician who is ready to tell all.

As teen Agnes. The day before he retires, Anselmo, the church bell ringer, remembers his first love, Agnes.

As Maribel. Life in a remote village in the Visayas turns upside down when villagers are stricken by an unknown disease. As the village chief and doctor try to control the situation, they discover that the dead are rising from their graves.

As Dia (Segment "Dia ug Guada"). One city, one day, seven stories. The first of seven Binisaya Exquisite Corpse Experiment.

Executive producer. a 30-minute short film about meeting someone new and falling in love. Deeply depressed and heartbroken, Marvin is forced by his brother to use a love potion so that his aching heart would be cured. While dining at a dumpling stall, 'Siomai Sa Tisa' (Siomai Of Tisa), he meets a pretty nursing student. After having a short conversation, he feels mysteriously drawn to her so he tries to use the love potion to win her heart. Will the love potion work, or will their love take its course even without it?

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