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Eduard Bredun


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About Eduard


6 October 1934

Place of Birth:

Волноваха, Донецкая область, СССР (Украина)

Eduard’s Filmography

As спекулянт радиотоварами. Shurik Timofeev builds a working model of a time machine. By accident, Ivan Bunsha, an apartment complex manager, and George Miloslavsky, a petty burglar, are transferred to 16th century Moscow, while Tsar Ivan the Terrible goes into the year 1973.

As Senka-Moroz. An old pickpocket named "Cardinal", during the days of the International Festival of Youth and Students, decides to gather old “personnels” to prepare small and large thefts from the festival participants. During the "conference" it turns out that a complete "personnel crisis" has come. The ensuing meeting with the former bootlegger — Senka-Moroz, who broke with his past and found happiness in his family and honest work, leads the Cardinal to confusion and mental confusion. A conversation with Professor Muromtsev, a terminally ill person who nevertheless cares about the fate of others, shock the "Cardinal" and he takes the first but decisive step towards a new life, breaking with the criminal world.

Executive producer. Oldrich is the runt of his village, beaten by his father, bullied by the other boys. But he has imagination of his side, and a wiry toughness they can’t defeat. The village is in turmoil, because the Nazi occupiers have just retreated and the Red Army is advancing. Oldrich dodges amid the mayhem and panic, taking his share of blows but always managing to stay one step ahead. Beautifully shot and darkly ironic, Karel Kachyna’s forgotten masterpiece jumbles reality, memory and fantasy to capture the intensity and confusion of childhood in a war zone.

As hunter. During a Soviet circus tour in Japan, a small street musician, Ken, meets a clown, Yuri Nikulin. Upon learning that his sick father is being treated in the Soviet Union, Ken sets off in search of him. The friendship of the great clown and the boy continues in Moscow.

As Furniture Buyer's Assistant. The film includes three short stories based on the stories of Mikhail Zoshchenko: "Crime and Punishment", "Fun Adventure", and "Wedding Event" about the negative phenomena of the provincial life of the young country of the Soviets: stupidity, drunkenness, money-grubbing, lack of spirituality.

As Lukashka. Historical drama based on the eponymous novel by Leo Tolstoy. Junker Olenin, a representative of St.Petersburg's golden youth, is traveling from St.Petersburg to the Caucasus in search of romance. His regiment is stationed in the Cossack village. Here he falls in love with the beautiful Maryana and is ready to marry her, but she loves the Cossack Lukashka and is not going to exchange him for the master...

As Федoр. Filmed in the context of the fortieth anniversary of the creation of the Komsomols, the League of Young Communists, tells the story of three youth delegates from the League in 1918, who must make the dangerous journey to Moscow during the civil war to participate in League’s congress.

As Митя Неверов. Sergey's girlfriend desperately wants him to quit dangerous police job. But Sergey doesn't want to abandon his new case which proves to be quite difficult.

As Varlashkin. Based on the story of Boris Mozhayev “The Power of the Taiga”. In the taiga village, where everyone is in sight, almost unbelievable happens — a local store is robbed. One of the rafters of the forest is recognized as a hacker. But some “inconsistencies” haunt the young precinct Vasily Seryozhkin. And in the end, he goes on the trail of the true participants in the crime...

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