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Edward Coxen


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8 August 1880

Place of Birth:

London, England, UK

Edward’s Filmography

As John McKay (uncredited). A man returns to his Appalachian homestead. On the trip, he falls for a young woman. The only problem is her family has vowed to kill every member of his family.

As Dad. Jim Bullard escapes from prison and returns to settle matters with the Rascob's that framed him. He kills two of them leaving an ace as his calling card. Bull remembers the deck of cards that fell when he fought Dave had no aces and the Rascob's set out after him. Trapped in a cabin, Dave receives unexpected help from Bullard.

As Joe Lorey. Illiterate Blue Ridge Mountain girl Madge Brierly falls in love with vacationing Blue Grass aristocrat Frank Layson, when he stops Horace Holten from defrauding her of her coal-rich lands. For revenge, Holten tells moonshiner Joe Lorey, who loves Madge, that Frank is a revenue officer. After Madge rescues Frank from Joe's attack, they go to Frank's home, where he teaches her reading and writing, and she rescues his racehorse, Queen Bess, from a fire set by Holten. Because Frank has nearly all of his family's money riding on the big Kentucky race, Holten gets Frank's jockey drunk. Madge, discovering this, disguises herself and rides Queen Bess to victory. She leaves for home unnoticed, and comes across the Night Riders chasing Lorey. After she persuades them that Holten killed her father years earlier, and was responsible for Lorey's attack, they chase Holten who falls from a mountain and dies. Years later, Madge's and Frank's children play at feuding.

As Bertrand Beaubien. The daughter of a wealthy French vintner, Justine is promised in marriage to German aristocrat Kurt Von Klassner, even though her heart belongs to Bertrand Duroc, the humble overseer of her father's estate. His pride wounded, Von Klassner murders Duroc and shifts the blame to marauding poachers.

As Rock Person. One Million B.C. is a 1940 American fantasy film produced by Hal Roach Studios and released by United Artists. It is also known by the titles Cave Man, Man and His Mate, and Tumak. The film stars Victor Mature as protagonist Tumak, a young cave man who strives to unite the uncivilized Rock Tribe and the peaceful Shell Tribe, Carole Landis as Loana, daughter of the Shell Tribe chief and Tumak's love interest, and Lon Chaney, Jr. as Tumak's stern father and leader of the Rock Tribe.

As Gordon Kingsley. Gordon Kingsley lives happily with his wife Dorothy and little daughter Mary Jane. On visiting the home of San Francisco architect Frank Mason, he is shocked to discover a portrait of his own wife and daughter. Suspecting the worst of Dorothy, he hires a private detective....

As Nathan Brent. Northwest Mounted Police Corporal Jerry Hale is assigned to take over the district of a fellow-officer, and is puzzled as he had worked this district before and had been mysteriously transferred, disrupting his romance with Helen Brent, the niece of Peter Barkley, the Factor at the trading post. An accountant of the company Berkley works for threatens to expose him when his account is found $10,000 short. Barkley pleads for more time to raise the money. His opportunity arises when he learns that Helen's father and his brother-in-law, Nathan Brent, has struck it rich and is on his way to visit Helen. Barkley instructs his henchmen Carney and Breen to lie in wait and rob Brent of his gold. Brent has a premonition of trouble and buries his gold, making a map of the location. Barkley is disturbed by the arrival of Corporal Hale and goes to warn his men, and finds them already engaged in the attack on Brent. Brent's dog Wolfgang (played by a dog named Rex, or maybe the other way around)...

As Joe Pickering. Rachael (Bessie Barriscale) marries Clarence Breckenridge (Hershel Mayall) a widower much older than herself. Although she tries to be a good wife, he ignores her for the bottle. In addition, his daughter, Billy (Ella Hall), who is not much younger than Rachael, is spoiled. When Rachael meets the family doctor, Warren Gregory (Herbert Heyes), they fall in love.

As Dad Collins. Bill, who is about to lead a wagon train to California, has a map to a valuable gold field and Rocky is after the map. When Rocky and his men attack, Ken Manning breaks it up and later identifies Rocky and his men as the attackers. Expelled from the wagon train, they stampede a buffalo herd puting the Indians on the warpath. After the Indians attack the wagon train, Rocky thinks he can get the map.

As Jim Lance. Wanting the Lance ranch, Burkett kills Lance and brings in an imposter to pose as the heir Ken Lance. Ken learns of the plan, captures the imposter, and arrives posing as himself. In an ensuing gunfight a man is killed and Ken is in trouble when not only is he accused of the murder, but the imposter escapes and convinces the Sheriff he's the real Ken Lance.

As Sheriff. Mysterious deaths have been occurring in the same towns as Miller's Circus and the Governor has sent Ken Kenton to investigate. Ken joins the show but when he realizes that Bargoff is involved, Bargoff has fled and taken Mary Hiller as a hostage. The trail leads to Baron Petroff who concocted the deadly chemical and Ken quickly finds himself the Baron's prisoner.

As Bob Masters. Accused of a murder he did not commit, Ken leaves the country. Three years later Evans finds him in the jungle. When Evans dies, Ken seeing the resemblance, assumes his identity and returns to clear his name.

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