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Erika Lehmphul


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About Erika Lehmphul

Erika Lehmphul is most well known for editing, and has 16 known credits, of which 16 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Erika Lehmphul’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Erika Lehmphul’s movies you should definitely watch Shots Under the Gallows (1968) Erika has worked on!

  1. Shots Under the Gallows (1968)
  2. Apprehension (1982)
  3. Addio, piccola mia (1979)
  4. Mein blauer Vogel fliegt (1975)
  5. The Fiancee (1980)

1. Shots Under the Gallows (1968 Movie)

The best rated movie Erika Lehmphul has been a part of is the drama, adventure movie Shots Under the Gallows, where they had the role of editing. It has a rating 6.6 on IMDb.

2. Apprehension (1982)

Apprehension has a rating on 7.2 on IMDb . Erika Lehmphul worked on this drama movie as editing.

3. Addio, piccola mia (1979)

In Addio, piccola mia Erika Lehmphul was worked as editor. This history, drama movie has a rating on 6.6 on IMDb.

4. Mein blauer Vogel fliegt (1975)

In Mein blauer Vogel fliegt Erika Lehmphul had the role of editing.

5. The Fiancee (1980)

Erika Lehmphul was a part of the movie The Fiancee as editing. This drama movie has a rating 7.1 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

What is Erika Lehmphul’s gender?

Erika Lehmphul is female.

What is Erika most known for?

Erika Lehmphul is most known for editing. Erika has worked on 16 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Erika Lehmphul’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Shots Under the Gallows, which has a score of 0.0.

Erika’s Filmography

Executive producer. In Scotland in 1751, young David Balfour is shanghaied aboard a ship where he meets Jacobite rebel Alan Breck Stewart with whom he escapes to the Scottish Highlands, dodging the redcoats.

Executive producer. Inge Herold is in her mid-thirties. She is divorced and lives with her 15-year-old son. She works as a psychologist and social worker and is involved with a married man. Suddenly, Inge finds out she may have breast cancer, which would mean an operation the very next day. The 24 hours before the planned surgery puts her under enormous psychological pressure and she begins to reevaluate her life. With heightened awareness of matters of everyday life, she realizes that what she previously considered meaningful, was actually void of any real meaning.

Executive producer. Last years in the Life of german Dramatican Georg Büchner. Around the year 1830 he and his fellow students try to initiate a revolution in Germany, but they are not successful. Büchner has to leave the country and seeks exile in France and Switzerland, where he falls ill with typhus.

Executive producer. Based upon a true story, the movie centers on the German communist Robert, a "Kapo" in a concentration camp. When some Polish children are brought to the camp, Robert tries to save them from certain death. Due to his efforts they are being trained as masons and become part of his construction gang. Nevertheless, the boys, and mainly the clever Janusz, are very suspicious of Robert. They have already experienced too much evil and do not want to trust anybody – least of all a German.

Executive producer. The wrenching story of a woman sentenced in 1934 to ten years in prison for antifascist activities. The love between her and her fiancée enables her to survive the tribulations of her time in prison, where she is one of few political prisoners.

Executive producer. This comedic musical tells the story of Gabi, a young hairdresser from the Baltic coast who desperately wants to be a jockey. One day, she packs her bags, drives to Hoppegarten, and is soundly rejected by the head coach. Gabi doesn't want to give up, and in order to at least have a roof over her head, she rushes into a marriage with the seemingly nice Freddie. However, this marriage soon proves to be her second rejection, as Freddie openly dislikes the fact that she wants to be a jockey.

Executive producer. Suse works as a truck driver on a major construction site. The young woman has a hard life behind her. She was foundling, was raised by farmers. Manne, the father of her child, wanted to escape from the GDR and is in prison. After he is released, Manne wants to live again with Suse and their child together. But she rejects him as well as another worshiper. Suse is more interested in the Soviet engineer Boris, but apparently not for her, since he can never remember her at their chance encounters. But a much bigger problem - and a difficult one - is Suse, when she is offered to go to the Soviet Union for six months.

Executive producer. This children's adventure movie is a charming tale of a group of youngsters in Prague who hear that Soviet sailors abandoned their failing ship in the Arctic Sea before it went down, but no one had been able to find the sailors yet. Inspired by the efforts to save the men, the youngsters strike out on their own to help in the rescue attempt.

Executive producer. For five years Rogelio, a Chilean exile, has been in the GDR, where he works as a lighting technician at a theater. Though his colleagues try to make him feel welcome, he feels lonely and isolated.

Executive producer. Uwe Polzin, a highly talented biologist publicly stands the defence of his doctorate and this crucial day prompts him to look back on his life so far. These reminiscences are not altogether positive and he and his family still face almost unsolvable problems. For; while Ruth, Uwe's sister, consciously goes without family life and private happiness in order to devote herself fully to her vocation as a doctor; he tries to reconcile career and family. He has found in Alla, his wife - an interpreter - not only a truly loving partner but also someone who shares his basic view of life. Still, their marriage is undergoing a crisis. Uwe's job has become so demanding that he expects her to cope with a great deal of domestic problems. Alla senses that her husband is exploiting her love towards him and that he expects her only to make sacrifices for him. This is why she is contemplating divorce.

Executive producer. Ena lives on a remote farmstead. One stormy night, hydraulic engineer Sieghart appears at her door after his car gets stuck in the mud. Although Ena falls in love with Sieghart, she decides to marry her fiancé Mathias. She is incapabale of hiding her true feelings from her groom-to-be, and on the night before the wedding, Mathias forces the pair to join him for a carriage ride – with deadly results.

Executive producer. The tragic love story between 17 year-old Gerat Lauter, who is in search of the truth, and his much older teacher Claudia, as it becomes a criminal case with state complicity in the chaotic GDR autumn of 1989.

Executive producer. The story of a young, idealistic doctor and his on-the-job training as a rookie surgeon. Dr. Heiner Sommer moves to a small town in the GDR where he will complete his training under the senior physician, also named Dr. Sommer.

Executive producer. Little Tim Tammer, the son of a lighthouse keeper, lives right on the Baltic Sea beach, but his remote home often leaves him feeling lonely. When Young Pioneers pitch their tents nearby, he is overjoyed and quickly makes new friends.

Executive producer. On April 1st, single mother Maria and her ten-year-old son Micha move into a new apartment located in the Berlin district Marzahn. On the very first evening, Maria gets an invitation from her neighbor Alvaro, a political emigrant from Uruguay who keeps working for his country’s Communist Party while staying in the GDR. Maria and Alvaro fall passionately in love. Even Micha, who is suspicious of Alvaro in the beginning, eventually becomes friend with him. Thus, nothing stands in the way of their happiness – except for the certainty that Alvaro will have to leave as soon as he gets a new assignment.

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