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Eugen Gritschneder


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Executive producer. Whereas the marriage of Maja and Uwe Rath bobs along in a boring routine, daughter Alina is freshly in love with Nico. And because the young couple are serious about each other, the parents must become acquainted. That the Ohnsorg family lives in a proper castle on the outskirts of Berlin is only a problem for Uwe because Maja is facing an entirely different one: Papa Ohnsorg turns out to be her secret lover Stefan. Neither of them is letting on anything and they are glad when the good-byes are finally approaching. However, Uwe’s broken down car bestows the Ohnsorg and the Rath family with a weekend together, during which more than one bomb will be dropped.

Executive producer. "Open To New*" - No time for separation blues! The recently divorced Mia, mother of a pubescent son, is pushed into an online dating service blind date organized by her best friend. But what exactly does "open-minded*" really mean?

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