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Garry Disher


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Executive producer. Cody and Fiorelli try to catch diamond smugglers, but the gems are not where they were supposed to be. Cody embarks to infiltrate the dealers who brought the diamonds in from South Africa. He also searches for a missing teenager.

Executive producer. Cody’s investigation of an art theft leads him to Claudia who works at an art gallery where the certificate of the stolen painting is held. His judgement may be clouded when he discovers the federal police suspect Claudia of smuggling the paintings.

Executive producer. A jockey is found dead in the street after falling from a balcony of a Hotel. What is thought to be a routine suicide inquiry becomes a murder investigation leading Cody to uncover a race-fixing scam

Executive producer. A young girl dies after a batch of deadly pills find their way into a dance club scene. Cody and Fiorelli attempt to stop others from taking the lethal cocktail as they uncover an established underground manufacturer.

Executive producer. Cody goes undercover on a task force established to track down arsonists who are wreaking havoc in the city. Fiorelli and Cody race against time to obtain the information they need to get Cody out alive when they discover a corrupt officer is within their ranks.

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