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Executive producer. Based on the novel by Viktor Nekrasov “In the Hometown”. Former front-line intelligence officer, captain Nikolai Mityasov, after being wounded, returns to the destroyed city and learns the sad news: his wife Shura cheated on him. Bitterness and confusion gave way to hope. But peace has come, demobilization has begun, it is necessary to restore the homeland. Nikolai finds the strength to continue living, enters a construction institute, meets Valya and begins a new happy life without war...

Executive producer. Leonid Pleshcheyev returned from the war blind. Against his will, he became a dependent. He drowns his grief in unrestrained drunkenness, thereby tormenting his wife Mariya and his teenage son Lyonka. Mariya finally decides to take her son and leave for Altai, but the boy runs away and returns to his father. So, together, they eke out a half-miserable existence until Grigoriy Shalagin, Pleshcheyev's longtime friend, returns from the army. It is he who awakens in Leonid the extinct self-esteem and pride of a soldier. Pity aside, he helps him get back to work.

Executive producer. Based on the novel of the same name by Nikolai Chukovsky. The end of August 1941. At night, a truck rushes along the last road not yet occupied by the enemy to Leningrad. In the back of two — civil aviation pilot Lunin and commissar of the air division Uvarov. Lunin, a man no longer young, experienced, but had not yet been in battle, was sent to the legendary squadron of fighter pilots under the command of Captain Rassokhin. This squadron fought from the first day of the war and has already lost most of its composition. The story of the harsh everyday life of the defenders of Leningrad, full of heroism and tragedy; about the heavy share of city residents who fell into the ring of an enemy blockade. In the center of the story is the fate of military pilots who had to fight in the sky over Leningrad and the Baltic.

Executive producer. As a rule, a person’s life is a swimming flowing from one to another. Radically changes the direction of this size. In an ambulance, he was riding a bus and met a beautiful stranger. They turned out to be Alexandra Nikolaevna, he - Alexander Nikolaevich, lost in the crowd. The outstanding geophysicist, the husband of Alexandra Nikolaevna, did not go on another expedition, stayed at home with his wife, arranged for himself “a day of happiness,” and lost his job ...

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