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Executive producer. The feelings of a young lady for a Pontian Greek, whom his fellow countrymen call "the disgrace of Pontus", is obvious to everyone. Kostikas, however, doesn't notice her feelings because his mind is elsewhere. He is trying to become the president of the football team of New Pontus, in order to take the place of Giorikas, who happens to be in love with the lady in question.

Executive producer. In this offering, Kostas Tsakonas (a champion of the SOV comedy of the era) as a wimpy poor guy & petty thief who lives with his nephew, is chosen by the arch-Dracula to rule Greece, since he's a long lost relative of the vampire family, and since the current Prime Minister has sucked the Greeks dry (yes, there's some awful not-so-subtle dated attempts at political satire in there as well). What follows is Tsakona's transformation and consequent attempts to adjust to his new vampiric lifestyle, while a clumsy exorcist and some of his fellow villagers are after him.

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