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Gregor von Rezzori


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About Gregor


13 May 1914

Place of Birth:

Tchernivtsi, Ukraine

Gregor’s Filmography

As Harry Dobkin. The wife of the Swedish Ambassador of Greece becomes involved in a romantic triangle, but the man who comes between husband and wife has a preference for the husband.

As Gricha. When Jill becomes a movie star, she soon discovers that her private life is destroyed by persistent fans that won't leave her alone. Her mother's ex-lover, Fabio, tries to protect her.

As Schweizer Zöllner. Georgia Gale was a great poet, but then she stopped writing and started drinking heavily. Now, as a desperate last resort, she has traveled to Switzerland, where she hopes to find a cure.

As Kunz. It's medieval times. Kohlhaas merchants with horses. When going to the local fair to sell his horses, is forced by a noble to leave him part of the merchandise as payment for traveling through his land, promising to give it back when the fair is over. When he returns, the horses are almost dead, and the man refuse to respond, so Kohlhass begins to fight unsuccesfuly against the injustice.

As Diogène (as Gregor Von Rezzori). Gorgeous IRA operative Marie flees the British authorities and finds herself somewhere in the American continent, where she meets a stunning woman also named Marie, a singer in a traveling circus. The new friends start a vaudeville act that grows exponentially more popular after they incorporate striptease into their routine. When the singer Maria falls for a charismatic rebel, the girls leave the circus behind and recreate themselves as wild-eyed revolutionaries.

Executive producer. After WWII, a young man without perspective arrives in Rome. Living in a loft, he gradually discovers the city becoming a tour guide.

Executive producer. Jean Pierre, a young Parisian salesman, decides to go on vacation by hitchhiking at random. Taken as a jaguar by a rich man, he finds himself invited to his villa in Saint Tropez and discovers a luxurious, idle and decadent universe. A tasty TV movie, written and directed by Michel Polac, with a very young Fabrice Luchini.

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