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Gustavo Rondón Córdova


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About Gustavo


1 January 1977

Place of Birth:

Caracas, Venezuela

Gustavo’s Filmography

Executive producer. On the border of Venezuela with Colombia, during the late 80's, two men survive an armed assault near the Arauca River, in which fourteen of their companions end up dead. The Army accuses them of being guerrilla fighters and tries via intimidation to seize them from the cell where they are being watched over by the local police officer and by the entire village. They say they are simple fishermen, but pressure to yield to the official version is overwhelming.

Executive producer. Andrés and his son Pedro live in a working district of Caracas and hardly ever see each other. While Andrés fills his time doing different jobs, Pedro wanders the streets playing with friends and learning from the violent atmosphere around him.

Executive producer. Thomas, a man in his thirties who cares a land in deep plain, accompanied by his little son Alberto, buries his wife after a sudden death. It is only for the first night Thomas. He sits in the courtyard of the house to get drunk and mourn. The next morning he is awakened by Alberto and his hunger. With the confusion of novelty, the father uses the instinct to care for their child. But sorrow lurks in the solitude of his home. One night, Thomas falls asleep to escape. Another, starts drinking. Drowned by what he feels, alcohol and anxiety in the body, decides he wants to be with his wife.

Executive producer. A man hears a cry for help coming from a sewer under the streets of Caracas. The scene becomes chaotic when bystanders, rescue workers, and the media arrive. In the midst of all the mayhem, a band of cunning thieves lurk in the shadows. Will this structured chaos enable them to pull off a huge heist?

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