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Hans Beerhenke


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About Hans


22 October 1923

Place of Birth:


Hans’s Filmography

As Karl. Left behind by his mother, an alcoholic prostitute, Georg grew up carelessly with his aunt and grandmother. As an adult he works in a department store canteen and has become an outsider due to his shape and infantile appearance.

As Ignaz Auer. Polish socialist and Marxist Rosa Luxemburg works tirelessly in the service of revolution in early 20th century Poland and Germany. While Luxemburg campaigns for her beliefs, she is repeatedly imprisoned as she forms the Spartacist League offering a new vision for Germany.

As Opa. During the summer on their Grandfather’s land Johanna, Robert, Harald and Alex begin a secret journey up the river on a boat with a chicken in search of a new path to the North Sea of Germany. A classic German children’s adventure movie.

As Herrmann Aichinger. When designer Robert Meering returns from vacation, he discovers the company he worked for unexpectedly went bankrupt so he decides to visit his old boss. His former employer Banninger liquidated the company and claims that all designs of Robert are his. When Robert's Porsche gets stolen by two thieves, he manages to track them down. When they tell him about 40 Porsche's in a dealer shop garage owned by Banninger things change and suddenly get very interesting.

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