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Hans van Dongen


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Executive producer. A murderer is at large: a well-dressed businessman incarcerates his victims, chains and starves them, and documents their death amid their filth with Instamatic snaps. Meanwhile, in another part of town, a woman joins a brothel...

Executive producer. A frustrated screenwriter incorporates the wild events he's become part of into his current script.

Executive producer. The three very different men in this film have become friends out of their common dissatisfaction with their lives. Beard is now more or less a street person since his wife left him. Before that, he was a social worker. "Foureyes" is a nebbish science teacher, who can't get anyone to take him seriously -- certainly not his students. He seeks solace in the quiet of the stars, which he views in his telescope at night. Finally, Gerdo is a fellow who is a master of many trades, successful at almost everything he does, except in his own eyes. Each new challenge proves unsatisfying when met. The only thing he wants is the one thing he can't bring about: the return of his old girlfriend, who left him for some boring civil servant. He sees her everywhere, and images of her haunt him constantly. (

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