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Ila Schütz


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About Ila


5 January 1944

Place of Birth:

Budapest, Hongrie

Ila’s Filmography

Executive producer. The subject-matter of this comedy is age-old: that of the schizophrenic soul. Papa would have liked boy twins years ago, but her wife gave birth to a single child weighing six kilograms. He would like to dampen his feeling of emptiness by having the boy registered both as Péter and Pál.

Executive producer. Set during a turbulent era of disquiet, fear, persecution and terror, which permeates every corner of post-WWI Hungarian society. In 1919, after just a few months of communist rule the Hungarian Republic of Councils falls victim to a nationalist counter-revolution. Admiral Horthy, leader of the nationalist far right movement, becomes the self-proclaimed regent of Hungary, and assumes power as the legal Head of State. Soldiers of the short-lived Hungarian Red Army are now on the run from relentless secret policemen and patrol units of the nationalist Royal Gendarme. If caught, ex-Red Army soldiers are executed without mercy or proper trial. István Cserzi, a former soldier of the Red Army has fled to the Great Hungarian Plains and has taken refuge on a farm, which is run by two sympathetic women. Due to the generosity of these women and a former childhood pal...

As Rozi. The heroines of this lyric comedy full of burlesque elements are two girls from a village who get totally engrossed in their day-dreaming. Ida and Rozi escape to the city to catch husbands for themselves.

As Ágnes. After his divorce, Bóna Péter, a beginner film director needs a bigger amount of money to settle his financial problems with his ex-wife. He travels to Pécs to see Sárika, an old veteran. He has not seen his aunt for a long time, and she receives him very friendly, but she flatly refuses to lend him any money.

As Juli. Juli is a 17-year-old student who takes a summer job in a local chemical factory. She is befriended by Piri, a girl with an unsavory reputation who has worked there before. The two friends are ogled by male workers who have overactive libidos and imaginations. Juli spurns the advances of a deluded Romeo while Piri continues to work and endure open hostility from the older female workers while her slothful parents sink deeper into alcoholism.

As Jenny. Bátky János a 20th century intellectual studies the secret of the Rosicrucians in London libraries during the day and in the evening takes pleasure in the "decent" everyday joys offered by the fair sex. He gets involved in the wildest ghost-story in the mysterious Wales castle of the Pendragons, where Earl of Gwynnedd from the 18th century is making experiments to prove his ancestors' slogan, "the resurrection of the body". In the meantime St. Claire, a beautiful, demonic woman and her companions try to kill him for the huge legacy.

Executive producer. This film takes place in Paris and Geneva in the 1530s and 1550s. Kálvin János and Szervét Mihály are school mates in Paris. The university students celebrate the victory of the Reformation with Kálvin's "Institution", written under a pseudonym.

Executive producer. This ironic comedy is set in the god-forsaken Kiskúnbékás, at the end of the fifties. There are no jobs, the town's "golden team", who once were third class national soccer players have scattered

As Tanítónéni. Öcsi is going to have a little brother. The little child is sulking, he is deeply hurt because he learns the great secret not from his parents but his best friend, Évike.

Executive producer. Mici, a pretty young girl is a selected swimmer. Laci, her trainer looks after her jealously, mainly because of her condition.

As Juli barátnõje. Savanyú and his friend work at a plant. After the monotonous shifts they engage in the pleasures of the afternoon and the night, i.e. parties and concerts. Savanyú dates Juli, they are already engaged. The young men live as sub-tenants, the young women in workers' hostels. None of these places are suited for spending time together. They are in need of an apartment. Out of the ruinous apartment which they lay siege on, however, they are sent away by the otherwise friendly policeman. At a concert held in the Park of Youth, Juli gets to know Géza. They flirt, then go to the country with a pop-group. Savanyú and his friends follow them. A minor fight cools the atmosphere.

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