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Ivars Kalniņš


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About Ivars

His father worked as a car mechanic, his mother maintained a household. Parents wanted his son to choose a reliable male profession, and from about the age of 14 Ivar began to combine his studies with work. Mastered the plumbing, then the repair of computer equipment. In 1974 he graduated from the Theatrical Department of the Latvian Conservatory. Vitola. After graduating from the conservatory, Ivar Kalnins settled in the Art Academic Theater named after Rainis. Theatrical salaries were insignif... Read more


1 August 1948

Place of Birth:

Riga, Latvian SSR, USSR

Ivars’s Filmography

As Hugo. In this movie (based on a true story) within a movie, a director tries to film the tale of an old KGB activist living in a parish house. In the summer of 1941 the activist tortured and killed Latvians in the cellar of the house. Although the old man hires others to brick over the cellar door, the murdered people keep coming through the stones and never leave him in peace. Unbeknownst to the film makers, the "real" KGB activist, now an aged drunk, is milling about the film set. Moreover, the director and lead actor are competing for the love of the lead actress, and the film's producer wants the director to re-shoot parts of the movie.

As Zigurds Žīraks. A young photographer Dimda is shot in the open courtyard surrounded by high-rise buildings who lived there in a communal apartment. Murder investigation at the same time is also becoming a psychological research.

Executive producer. With a traditional archery contest, the winner wins a silver arrow with gold lace and gold feathers. Even Robin Hood, although unrecognizable, takes part in this competition. As more and more participants are losing and Robin Hood eventually wins the award, his masquerade reveals. For none of the participants is as handy with a bow and an arrow like Robin Hood. With the help of his coolness and his friends Robin Hood may escape the dangerous situation.

Executive producer. A young woman, Regina, has been killed in her apartment. Investigator Anderson holds Regina’s husband as a suspect for a murder because he is unable to remember his location at the time of the fateful event. Gradually, Anderson is convinced that Oto has not only killed his wife, but he also tries to hide his true identity – notorious criminal Schmit.

Executive producer. The movie shows a young man's life dramatically changed after his friend is murdered. It is ironic - if to look with today's eyes - and nostalgia evoking portrait of marginal society and environment in the early 1990s with allusions to the western cinema - film noir related themes, surrealistic features, avantgard cinema stylization and formal aesthetics.

Executive producer. After the train conductor Pētersons receives money transfer from an unknown source, he suspects foul play involving the cargo he's transporting. He decides to do his own investigation into the matter, not realizing that he's putting himself and those around him in danger.

Executive producer. In the past, the famous circus rider Maria learns that her favorite horse Senator, with whom she spoke, want to send to the slaughter. Then Mary decides to take a risky step and steals the horse from the circus.

As Chief. The action of the story takes place around the Christmas time, when, as usually, the most unbelievable miracles come to life. The story starts with Masha - future doctor and meanwhile an eager student of medical university, her best friend Lilka - a colorful and charismatic young lady who is always in search of man of her life, and Masha's grandfather, Andrei Ivanovich, who is her only relative - a kind but deeply sad amateur painter. The heroes live their ordinary lifes with their worries and laughs until at Christmas Eve they receive a phone call... Three Aunties, who named them self as distant relatives, announce their arrival within an hour. With their arrival the story becomes dashing and somehow magical.

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