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Jacinto San Emeterio


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About Jacinto San

Jacinto San is a 109 years old male from Santander, Cantabria, Spain. Jacinto is most well known for acting, and has 31 known credits, of which 31 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Jacinto San’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Jacinto San’s movies you should definitely watch Judas' Kiss (1954) Jacinto has worked on!

  1. Judas' Kiss (1954)
  2. El salario del crimen (1964)
  3. Julio César (1965)
  4. The Savior (1959)
  5. La gran familia (1962)

1. Judas' Kiss (1954 Movie)

The best rated movie Jacinto San has been a part of is the drama, history movie Judas' Kiss, where they had the role of Hombre frente a la cruz. It has a rating 6.7 on IMDb.

2. El salario del crimen (1964)

El salario del crimen has a rating on 6.9 on IMDb . Jacinto San worked on this drama, crime movie as Ramiro.

3. Julio César (1965)

In Julio César Jacinto San was worked as Toast the Knowing.

4. The Savior (1959)

This drama, history movie has a rating on 5.3 on IMDb. In The Savior Jacinto San had the role of .

5. La gran familia (1962)

Jacinto San was a part of the movie La gran familia as Examinador. This family, drama, comedy movie has a rating 6.5 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

When was Jacinto San born?

Jacinto San’s birthday is on 6 December 1912.

What is Jacinto San’s gender?

Jacinto San is male.

Where was Jacinto San born?

Jacinto San was born in Santander, Cantabria, Spain.

What is Jacinto most known for?

Jacinto San is most known for acting. Jacinto has worked on 31 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Jacinto San’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Judas' Kiss, which has a score of 0.0.

Jacinto’s Filmography

As Ramiro. Mario, the son of a police captain killed in the line of duty, is completely surrendered to the police organization. Instructing some errands meet Elsa, original and fascinating beauty, beginning an illicit affair and exciting. This makes his firmest principles are shaken, transformed his life completely absurd entering a maelstrom revolving around the existence of Elsa surface.

As Clito. After Pompey's defeat at the Battle of Farsalia, Julius Caesar becomes the beacon of the Roman Republic and the master of its destiny; but many patricians want to avoid the birth of a tyranny and plot to assassinate him…

As Gonzalo de Córdoba. Kingdom of Castile, the late fifteenth century. The film chronicles the events that Cristóbal Colón lived (Antonio Vilar) from their stay in the Convent of La Rabida, his meeting with the Catholic Monarchs and, above all, the great odyssey that led to cross the Atlantic and reach the shores of America (1492), thus beginning a new era in the history of mankind.

As Don Juan De Figueroa. Alberto, a newspaper man, tries a one-time shot of living the good life with the help of his penniless mentor.

Executive producer. José, a young mechanic, arrives in Madrid to make it big. After being conned he loses his savings, and is taken in by Elisa, a photographer. She introduces him to Pablo and Laura. Laura makes him an offer he cant refuse and then his troubles really begin.

As Polack. A scientist develops a serum that can eradicate scar tissue. He tries it on a girl with a horribly disfigured face. It succeeds, but then he discovers the girl is an escaped mental patient from a local asylum.

As Guillermo. Madrid, Spain. Eloísa, a self-sacrificing wife and efficient mother, lives in the neighborhood of Maravillas with her husband, a violent policeman; her sanctimonious son, who spends his life studying and praying to atone for the sins of his family; and her two daughters, obsessed with wealth, who hate each other deeply.

As Don Juan. Antonio and Elisa, a newlywed couple, go to an hotel on the beach to spend their honeymoon. Antonio, a crime reporter, is obsessed with discovering a major crime. He gets his big opportunity when a murder is committed on a road near the hotel.

As Abogado de Leprince. In an unnamed Central American state on the eve of a crucial election, a young police informer working for police officer Miguel Mora bent on uncovering the shady works of popular politician Maurice Leprince is killed. However, thugs working for Leprince began to be killed one by one as well.

As Albert. London, England, World War II. During a bombing, several people are trapped in the basement of a building where the air will run out in only ninety minutes…

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