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Jack Hammer


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About Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer is most well known for acting, and has 8 known credits, of which 8 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Jack Hammer’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Jack Hammer’s movies you should definitely watch Staten Island Sex Cult (1998) Jack has worked on!

  1. Staten Island Sex Cult (1998)
  2. Blondilicious (2004)
  3. Bad Seed (2013)
  4. Viral Loads (2014)
  5. Legendary Stud: Drew Sebastian (2017)

1. Staten Island Sex Cult (1998 Movie)

The best rated movie Jack Hammer has been a part of is the drama, lgbtq+ movie Staten Island Sex Cult, where they had the role of .

2. Blondilicious (2004)

Jack Hammer worked on this movie as (archive footage).

3. Bad Seed (2013)

In Bad Seed Jack Hammer was worked as Toast the Knowing.

4. Viral Loads (2014)

In Viral Loads Jack Hammer had the role of .

5. Legendary Stud: Drew Sebastian (2017)

Jack Hammer was a part of the movie Legendary Stud: Drew Sebastian as (archive footage).

Frequently asked questions

What is Jack Hammer’s gender?

Jack Hammer is male.

What is Jack most known for?

Jack Hammer is most known for acting. Jack has worked on 8 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Jack Hammer’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Staten Island Sex Cult, which has a score of 0.0.

Jack’s Filmography

As (archive footage). See some of your favorite Wicked blondes in Blondilicious, a Wicked compilation which features only the hottest blonde performers, such as Bridgette Kerkove, Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Silvia Saint, and many, many more! See these flaxen-haired babes get busy with not only well-hung studs, but even more gorgeous women in Blondilicious!

Executive producer. Guaranteed to fuck with your head, Bad Seed is the first full collaboration between infamous Treasure Island Media founder Paul Morris and his young protege, Pony Hunter. Reflecting the sexual depravity of both partners, Bad Seed captures raw man breeding in a style that is true to the heritage of Treasure Island Media. Bad Seed delivers eleven hand picked scenes — you'll want to watch on repeat! From first time breedings, deep seeded double penetrations, gang bangs and overused bottom whores dripping with cum, Bad Seed is a must have for every Treasure Island Media fan.

Executive producer. Mansex is a virus, one that uses men as its host. Some try to resist it. Others embrace it as the source of life and meaning. We live to breed the sex-virus, to pass it on to every random anonymous dude we meet and fuck. It’s how we reproduce. Our jizz ain’t for making babies. Our sex spreads like wildfire, squirting out of one man’s dick, shooting deep inside another, then another and another. Join in, you’ll never look back.

As (archive footage). The seventh installment in Treasure Island Media's LEGENDARY series features Drew Sebastian. There are studs and then there are guys like Drew. From his deep-chested voice all the way down to the bloated ballsack swinging beneath his stallion-like fuckstick, this dude drips the kind of "I'll fucking rearrange your guts" essence you've only dreamt of. This compilation includes Drew drilling the likes of Derek Parker, John Dahl, Jacob Lee, and more, plus a new scene with Kris Kurt.

Executive producer. The Treasure Island Media crew takes a field trip to Palm Springs to film a lot of horny men who are Ready To Unload.

Executive producer. See what really happens when inhibitions are gone and the doors are locked during an actual fuck Party in the infamous "Dungeon" of Hot Desert Knights. By invitation only, hot studs from around the world cum for one reason, to fuck and get fucked all night. Only three rules exists: No attitude, No clothes and No condoms. These guys do it all. Filmed in the tradition of the classic Joe Gage's "Closed Set", the cameras kept rolling and the men did what men do best: hard -driving, butt-pounding, cum-spewing, non-stop hard-core action.

Executive producer. You won't believe how these naughty stepbrothers fool around behind their parents' backs! You'll love watching older boys show the ropes to their innocent stepbrothers. Brian discovers how much his younger stepbrother idolizes him and decides to reward his young sibling by letting him suck his dick. Harlen is the best man at his stepbrother's wedding but he loses the wedding ring; Dakota is so upset that only Harlen's hungry mouth and tight asshole can calm him down. Eric catches his older stepbrother jerking off and starts asking questions; Jack confesses that he also likes to have things in his ass and invites the younger Eric to pump his hole. Carter and Ted are running late so to save time they decide to shower together, the only problem is that soon their hard cocks keep getting in the way.

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