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Executive producer. All images were shot on 16mm film in the shadow of the Ryman Auditorium on Lower Broadway, a section of Nashville that has for decades attracted country music fans to its honky tonk bars. The visual effects were composed in-camera, while shooting on the street. This film was supported in part by the Tennessee Art Commission.

Executive producer. Filmed on super 8 and 16mm b&w film. A silent movie about the end of silent movies, and a miniature epic about a piano player for the motion pictures who loses his job and his girl when “talkies” are invented in the late 1920s. Funded in part with a grant from the LEF Foundation.

Executive producer. "This poignant and unassuming color film interprets the dreams and memories of an elderly woman as she looks back on her life, The film searches for a deeper image of death. A sense of loss weighs heavily in this work as what appears to be a home movie of a grandmother alone at the grave of her husband plays unaltered. Hope is symbolized in images of cherry trees in bloom and stained glass church windows, perhaps implying the promise of an afterlife." -- Black Maria Film Festival catalogue

Executive producer. Part 1 of the “Fuzz Acid Flowers” trilogy. A portrait of the era in American history when–in the words of Joan Didion–a demented and seductive vortical tension was at work.

Executive producer. "The film was made by painting directly onto 16mm film, in the tradition of artist-filmmakers who often mix handmade approaches and out-of-date equipment to create unusual film experiences. As with other films by Warren, Notturno forgoes a language-based narrative in favor of a staccato sequence of images, emphasizing feeling over storyline." - Chief Curator Mark Scala, Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Executive producer. A journey with a Bolex down Sunset Boulevard, from the Pacific Ocean into the heart of the city.

Executive producer. A film poem layering "found" sound and image that investigates the intersection of cinematic history and memory while creating a hypnotic feeling of movement and flow.

Executive producer. A young girl explores a luminous beach as a mysterious voice pushes reality deeper into sublime abstraction. The film reveals the simultaneity of stillness and change in the sea, ultimately transforming into a hypnotic search for our lost Edenic origins.

Executive producer. A motorcyclist is subjected to an optical reworking — stroboscopic layers collide, blend, and fade away. For Charlotte Pryce.

Executive producer. A look at construction cranes around Nashville as figures trapped by the ambivalent forces of capitalism. The piece continues my interest in the landscape, not as a mere pictorial representation, but instead as a point of perceptual inquiry to examine the outer world in an attempt to understand the inner world.

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