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José Luis Dibildos


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About José Luis

José Luis is most well known for writing, and has 20 known credits, of which 20 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

José Luis’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy José Luis’s movies you should definitely watch For Men Only (1960) José has worked on!

  1. For Men Only (1960)
  2. Spaniards in Paris (1971)
  3. Rocky Carambola (1979)
  4. Los nuevos españoles (1974)
  5. A la pálida luz de la luna (1985)

1. For Men Only (1960 Movie)

The best rated movie José Luis has been a part of is the comedy movie For Men Only, where they had the role of writing. It has a rating 7.0 on IMDb.

2. Spaniards in Paris (1971)

Spaniards in Paris has a rating on 6.4 on IMDb . José Luis worked on this drama movie as writing.

3. Rocky Carambola (1979)

In Rocky Carambola José Luis was worked as producer. This comedy movie has a rating on 4.6 on IMDb.

4. Los nuevos españoles (1974)

This comedy movie has a rating on 6.2 on IMDb. In Los nuevos españoles José Luis had the role of writing.

5. A la pálida luz de la luna (1985)

José Luis was a part of the movie A la pálida luz de la luna as writing. This comedy movie has a rating 5.3 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

What is José most known for?

José Luis is most known for writing. José has worked on 20 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is José Luis’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is For Men Only, which has a score of 0.0.

José’s Filmography

Executive producer. In the early 70's, more than forty thousand Spanish in Paris working as maids. Few had crossed the border before, and most had not even left her village. These girls are Emily, who has left behind the hard times and has adapted to the big city, Isabel struggling to her sonthat she had with a man who abandoned she, Dioni, who thinks only of early money, and Francisca, a woman who knows nothing and is lost in life.

Executive producer. A Spanish insurance company is absorbed by a multinational, so that, in order to modernize, its employees are obliged to carry out some training courses to adapt to the new situation and the new objectives. Given the relevance of what is at stake, the wives of these men will also be involved at work.

Executive producer. Carmen leaves her husband Julio to go live with an intellectual who has made a career in the United States. While, Julio goes away to live of rent to house of an aristocrat come to less. After meeting several colorful characters, Julio decides to recover Carmen.

Executive producer. Specialized in arranging weddings, Federico arranges marriage by proxy between Ana and Juan, two friends of his who do not know each other. Juan arrives by plane to Spain after spending ten years of safari in Africa, hoping to meet his wife, who arrives the same day from Buenos Aires. At the airport, Fernando receives him and they go to the bar to wait for Ana. But everything starts badly, because during the wait Juan drinks too much and gets drunk. When Ana arrives, she is displeased to meet her husband in such condition. Then Fernando takes them to a hotel for newlyweds where they meet other happy couples and where a peculiar honeymoon begins.

Executive producer. Serving the customers of a department store, the salesgirls in their blue uniform go out of their way to serve them. But in their young minds, one idea surpasses all: the hunt for a husband. Ana is in love with Juan, who seems to be very well in his condition of single. Olga has aspirations of the highest level, as her boyfriend must own a great car. Pilar aims to win a radio contest. And there is also Álvaro, the lawyer whose only cause capable of defending, and even with a resounding failure, is the freedom of the bachelor.

Executive producer. Two guys live without working quite well using thousands of tricks and fakes. But they soon change their attitudes when love arrives at their hearts.

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