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Joseph C. Boyle


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About Joseph


30 September 1888

Place of Birth:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph’s Filmography

Executive producer. Fannie joins Johnny to perform a music-hall act which becomes a success, until two Broadway producers catch the act and offer Fannie a job on their latest show; however, they have no place for Johnny, so Fannie turns down the offer. (Film considered lost.)

Executive producer. In Renaissance Florence, a Florentine trader meets a shipwrecked stranger, who introduces himself as Tito Melema, a young Italianate-Greek scholar. Tito becomes acquainted with several other Florentines, including Nello the barber and a young girl named Tessa. He is also introduced to a blind scholar named Bardo de' Bardi, and his daughter Romola. As Tito becomes settled in Florence, assisting Bardo with classical studies, he falls in love with Romola.

Executive producer. Through the Breakers, the 1928 Joseph C. Boyle silent South Seas tropical island seafaring romantic love triangle melodrama about a London socialite who loves a man who is assigned to be a plantation manager on a South Seas island. She agrees to join him after a year, but puts it off, and winds up shipwrecked on the island. An island girl there is in love with him, but when he dumps her for his London sweetheart, she is killed by her native lover, who then commits suicide. This causes the London lady to decide to stay!

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