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Julia Mingo


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Executive producer. It's the summer holidays in Marseille. Rania and Samara fool around in their ‘hood’, trying not to think about September and the start of the school year. They want to stay small forever, and live together on the Moon.

Executive producer. Anna, a deaf and mute young woman, lives with her grandmother in a campsite. While the latter must be hospitalized, Anna is left alone ... and becomes easy prey.

Executive producer. In the heart of a french village in 2020, five individuals united under the name ‘The Blackbird Group’, wander in silence in their house and prepare themselves for an extreme symbolic action.

Executive producer. Pablo, Zoe, Thomas and Felix, in their twenties, are attacked at the foot of their tower. Three of them survive. They try as they can to mourn the fourth and start living again.

Executive producer. When young Mesi steps in for her squeamish brother to perform a traditional — male-only — ritual, she faces blame for the negative outcome. Instead, she defiantly questions the wisdom of her elders’ beliefs.

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