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Kaiti Finou


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About Kaiti


3 December 1958

Place of Birth:

Edessa, Greece

Kaiti’s Filmography

As Flora Alexiou. After the sudden death of his grandfather, the pervasive Stathis suddenly finds himself president of a large public limited company but is in danger of being out of business because he does not find the shares he has inherited. These young people are also looking for these shares, who manage to turn all the members of the board against them. But Stathis shows, from the very beginning, that he is the absolute sovereign and does not raise any doubts, while at the same time instructs a private detective to find the valuable shares.

As Jessika. Stathis, a naughty young man whose father owns a coffee shop at the island’s central square, picks up attractive tourists. His neighbor Rena, who is in love with him, stands in the middle of his love affairs and does her best to win him. Moreover, his sister Kaiti, a cute and tender girl, falls in love with an young guy who met while traveling, and who stays on the island for her sake. After many humorous events, both couples find happiness.

As Koula. Stathis is a teenager who owns a pirate radio station that broadcasts at the same frequency used by another pirate radio station, owned by Stamatis and his friends. This leads to many conflicts between them, and as if this wasn't enough, Stathis is also desperately in love with Koula and has to face her huge boyfriend Kyriakos...

As Nantia. This comedy takes place during a hot summer at a Greek island. We meet Stathis and his company and we watch as they try to get the attention of all kinds of beautiful foreign girls.

As Kitsa. Stathis loves bikes, Rena wants to dance all the time and Aleksis goes crazy for rock music. They are three crazy siblings. One of them, Stathis, doesn't seem capable to keep a job and when he loses his girlfriend, his mother decides to give him what he loves the most, a motorcycle!

As Lena. An employee of an insurance company, Hercules (Sotiris Moustakas) undertakes with the help of two friends (Stathis Psaltis and Antonis Papadopoulos) to protect the chastity of his daughter (Katie Finos) an entrepreneur (Yiannis Michalopoulos). The possible failure in this mission can be the end of the company. Are the shadow of the girl and get entangled in various comic situations.

As White. Telis, inventor of "Heraclitus computers", presents his new achievement, the robot Paraskeva, which among other fans who do, can read the minds of people. Telis has built Paraskevas replica of himself, and this helps him to fulfill various obligations wants to avoid, such as its involvement in gynaikodouleies partner Costas

Executive producer. The detective "Telis, the perfect" and her assistant undertake to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a 20-year, heir to a large company, having in their hands only element both olives is in intimate part of her body. After hilarious situations that cause them heroes disguised as gypsies, nuns, laymen singers, referees and other, reaches the great moment of surprise ...

As Kaiti. Panos comes to Athens in search for a better life. He is fed up with life in the countryside, unemployment and the whole situation with his family. He hooks up with a bunch of ambitious- but unemployed- teenagers. One night at a disco, Panos beats up a guy who is asking for trouble. He leaves the club along with his friends. The other guy cannot calm down without taking revenge so he takes his friends and they beat up Panos & co. The following night, Panos rapes the guys sister. Afterwards he apologises and they start a relationship. She gets fired from the super market where she works for helping Panos steal. Panos cannot live in misery anymore and steals a yoghurt factory with the help of his friends. The ending is tragic...

As Eva. Pelops (Nikos Tsouka), after the appearance of the deceased brother and he has discovered a method of preparing gasoline, desperately trying to find the missing ingredient to complete the formulation. His friends (Stathis Psaltis and Antonis Papadopoulos) attempt to chase away ghosts that haunt him, which is no more than two people (Mari Karavia and Markos Lezes) who want to drive Pelops to explore the house, inside in which is hidden a treasure.

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