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Executive producer. Film about a small-time hood running afoul of a bigtime gangster. Starring Dev Anand, Kalpana Kartik and K.N. Singh.

Executive producer. Nilambhar Chakravorty belongs to a poor family, and lives in a joint family with his married brother, Pitambar, unmarried sister, Punnu, and wife, Biraj. Since his sister is of marriageable age, he arranges her marriage, and borrows some money. When Pitambar comes to know about this, he refuses to share any expense in his sister's marriage, and decides to separate, resulting in a fence being put up between their homes. Nilambher, unable to find employment, is unable to pay back the loan, and soon both he and his wife barely have enough to live on. To complicate matters further, Deodhar, a wealthy young contractor has his eye on Biraj's beauty and would like to be intimate with her, in return for money and a better life.

As Dancer. A spoilt heiress runs away from home to be with the lover her family disapproves of, only to fall in love with someone else on the way.

Executive producer. After losing his family during partiton Puran is taken in by a landowner and he falls in love with the daughter, Neelu, but is unable to declare his love and then Neelu falls in love with Kamal, a young graduate from Bombay.

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