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Kenneth Kent


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About Kenneth

From Wikipedia Kenneth Kent (20 April 1892 - 17 November 1963), sometimes Keneth Kent, was an English actor. Kent, who was born in Liverpool, is most notable for portraying the emperor Napoleon in the 1948 film Idol of Paris, he also appeared in the war films Dangerous Moonlight (1941) and Night Train to Munich (1940).


20 April 1892

Place of Birth:

Liverpool, England, UK

Kenneth’s Filmography

As Controller. Czechoslovakia, March 1939, on the eve of World War II. As the German invaders occupy Prague, inventor Axel Bomasch manages to flee and reach England; but those who need to put his knowledge at the service of the Nazi war machine, in order to carry out their evil plans of destruction, will stop at nothing to capture him.

As Andre De Guise. Stefan Radetzky, a Polish pilot and famous concert pianist, is hospitalised in England from injuries sustained while in combat, and having lost his memory. As Radetzky plays the piano in a trance-like state, the story moves back in time to war-torn Warsaw. During an air-raid, Radetzky meets American journalist Carole, and there is a mutual attraction. Following the fall of Poland, Radetzky and Irish pilot, Mike, escape to Rumania and then on to America. Radetzky continues his musical career in America and meets up again with Carole.

As Dr. Julian Cole. A man and a woman are poisoned. The woman dies, but the man survives. The finger of blame begins to point at the man. A policeman and a newspaper journalist pursue the truth.

As Col. Suvaroff. With Britain on the brink of war, an enemy spy plans to steal secret documents and lay the blame on Clive Stanton.

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