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Executive producer. India's biggest actors, politicians, musicians and influencers are trained by top comedians to perform stand-up comedy for their very first time.

Executive producer. Being SuperMan may be easy. Being SpiderMan may be simple. But being a FamilyMan is the most difficult thing ever! Solving a problem without any repercussions, taking responsibilities without any pressure and growing a tummy without any worry a FamilyMan is what the world needs now.

Executive producer. Sorabh Pant understands nothing but wants to change everything. In his 6th standup special: he goes from trolls to drugs to Aadhar to NaMo to RG to China to US gun laws and changes nothing.

Executive producer. Abish Mathew is the world's greatest stand-up comedian (*citation needed) and this is the world's greatest stand-up special (*this definitely needs a citation). Every great punchline has a great set up! And in this one-hour special, we find out how Abish was set up to be a punchline his whole life.

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