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Executive producer. The history begins in a small small village. The son lives with the father, and the daughter with mother, their parents constantly are at enmity and clash, bringing the matter to fights. Young people love each other, but their parents aren't happy with it and suggest them to go to the city to find to itself soulmates and it isn't simple to find halves, but also to be enriched with a money, and together with it to find the run-away parents. Searches are vain, they only find adventures on the fifth point and are got involved in fight with local бандюгами then them put in a monkey house. By accident they are found by the run-away parents, but problems becomes even more. Any yaposhka snub sporting goods store of their parents, causing them on any foolish competitions which also win and thus doing of their parents of full suckers...

Executive producer. It is the time of the dissolution of the Chinese Empire. The Boxer Rebellion challenges the occupying foreign powers, the Empress Dowager rules the throne, but Warlords control the country. After losing his army in a game of poker, one Warlord tries to borrow money from the foreigners but they will only loan him the money on one condition. The foreigners are bringing an international group of top athletes to tour China. If the warlord can recruit, and train a team to beat the international athletes, then he can borrow the money. A motley crew of offbeat characters are forced into being on the team. Coached by a very unorthodox trainer, played by Hu Gua, the team eventually meets the international athletes in a wild series of battles and competitions until one side is victorious. With lots of very juvenile humor, crotch jokes, and mildly interesting kung fu action.

Executive producer. Volatile triad boss Duanmu (Collin Chou) is in search of three pendants that are believed to hold parts of the map leading to a hidden treasure. He learns that the pendants are now in the possession of three teenagers, so he dispatches his gang henchmen after the kids. Luckily, super cop Lin Dan (Donnie Yen), armed only with his deadly martial arts skills, is there to save the day!

Executive producer. A young police officer "makes a mess" of a police operation, shoots a man in self-defense, and ends up in prison. There he learns that the world isn't black and white, but has many shades of gray, and makes new friends and enemies.

Executive producer. Taiwanese fantasy film from Yu Han-Hsiang, director of REVENGE OF THE SHAOLIN KID (1978), BURNING OF THE RED LOTUS MONASTERY (1982) and THE DWARF SORCERER (1974)

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