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As Mrs. Schmidt. Madam Nadine manages with pride the "Vénus Beauté" Salon which offers relaxation, massage and make-up services. The owner and her three beauticians: Samantha, Marianne and Angèle are pros. Contrary to her friend Marianne, who still dreams of the big day, Angèle no longer believes in love. Marie, the youngest of the three employees, discovers love in the hands of a sixty year-old former pilot, who risks everything...

As La mère de Frédéric. A clique of four young teachers at a high school looks critically at their colleagues. To avoid falling in the same routine, they bring new ideas into the school lessons and play little games and pranks in their spare time -- sometimes get even more childish than their pupils. When they get opposition from the other teachers, they play tricks to get rid of them.

As Paris doctor's secretary. When her husband goes missing at the beach, a female professor begins to mentally disintegrate as her denial of his disappearance becomes delusional.

As L'employée de la bijouterie. The action takes place in Paris in the 30-ies. The Countess Louise de... has made debts and she urgently needed cash. She decided to sell the family jeweler Remy earrings — a gift from her husband…

Executive producer. A company, not wanting to pay for their chemicals to be dumped properly, put some into a truck of milk, which eventually kills three girls. The girls then return from the dead to seek bloody revenge.

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