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Lee Yeong-ho


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1 January 1952

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Lee’s Filmography

Executive producer. Ha In-young has suffered for years under her husband, Kang Suk-wu. He's kept her captive with his loss of humanity and sexual depravation. In-young yearns for an unknown world. One day, In-young meets Min Byung-gu but Byung-gu leaves her. In-young leaves her husband and even her young daughter Ha-mi. Ha-mi searches madly for her mother. Chairman Kang, Suk-wu's father, understands why his daughter-in-law has run away. Suk-wu anguishes over the actions of his father and daughter. Suk-wu regains his sexual masculinity which he had lost for years. He forgives In-young and receives her again.

As Chun-sik. Three friends, Duk-bae, Chun-sik, and Kil-nam, work each at a suburban Chinese restaurant, a barbershop, and a motel. The three friends are clueless about their future. They just share the drinks and love stories. Kil-nam is in love with Jin-ok working at a hair salon and Chun-sik is after Yu who also works at the barbershop. Naive Duk-bae's mind is torn between Chun-sun who works at a factory and an uptown girl Myung-hi. Their daily lives are never quiet. Chun-sik goes to jail for assault and Kil-nam departs to serve in the military. Three of them part with a promise that they will never give in to the hardships of life.

As Ahn Yo-han. Yo-han is the son of a Christian minister. Following his father's career, he joins the seminary without much enthusiasm, then drops out. After doing his military service as a KATUSA, he teaches at the U.S. educational center. When he is given a job teaching in America, he hastily marries in preparation for the move. He is suddenly struck blind, then begins contemplating suicide. Instead he has a religious vision and dedicates himself to the ministry, and opens a church for the blind.

Executive producer. After being released from prison, both Lee Jong-Bae and Moon Do-Seok, who served imprisonment at the same prison, plan to commit crime with carbine rifle having no butt plate. They succeed in the first crime, but kill a person so that Moon regrets his wrong doings. But, Lee commits the second crime to hurt persons. Lee's wife advises Lee to deliver himself to the police, but Lee neglects her advice.

Executive producer. A woman refuses to give into her fiance's desire that she take a job as a secretary in his father's office. Instead she eventually decides to try to make a life for herself with fatal results.

Executive producer. A Korean woman raised in Spain with European values towards life and romance finds living in her ancestral land stifling and it eats away at her vitality.

Executive producer. A deaf woman boarding with an elderly laborer suffers many hardships upon the latter's death. The old man's son offers to care for her, but she feels she must leave in order to protect the young man's reputation.

Executive producer. 1. Just married couple Mun-Su and Yeon-Yeon happened to meet a bandit when they are walking in a mountain. Mun-Su runs away alone and Yoen-Yeon bits her tongue to death in danger of rape. Meanwhile the bridegroom finds a deserted house where he stays that night. Yeon-Yeon's resented spirit changes into a girl and tempts him to go to dead world together. 2. A rich nobleman Mr. Kim is eager to have a baby when he meets Kong-Nyeo. Soon she becomes his concubine and is pregnant. Mr. Kim's wife is madly jealous of Kong-Nyeo and locks her in a separate house. As soon as Kong-Nyeo gives birth to a baby, Mrs. Kim kills Kong-Nyeo and pretends the baby is hers. Resented and sad spirit of Kong-Nyeo drives Mr. Kim's house in fear.

Executive producer. Young-Hu and Young-Wuk are half brothers and felt uncertain intimacy even though their personalities are totally different. At the first moment he saw Min-Jeong, Young-Wuk's girl friend, Young-Hu fell in love. He avoided her intentionally but the day his biological mother remarried, he happened to spend a night with her in a complicated feeling. After that Young-Hu got the blues due to sense of guilty and Young-Wuk was despair as Min-Jeong confessed him she loves Young-Hu. As he found Min-Jeong's pregnancy, Young-Hu hated shady new life and made fun of Min-Jeong and himself. Thus enraged Young-Wuk madly drove his car to the running train with Min-Jeong.

Executive producer. A young bride moves into her husband's family and tries to modernize their lifestyle. Her plans, though, often get discouraged by her mother-in-law, a conservative lady who stresses traditional values. But the bride's father-in-law who understands the charms of her daughter-in-law's modern lifestyle, helps her to get what she wants. Eventually, they become one happy family living a modern lifestyle.

Executive producer. A butterfly flies from the mountain to the city. Sang-Kyu, who works in a company, buys a house in the suburbs and lives with his wife and daughter, Yun-Jeong. But Yun-Jeong becomes a somnambulist because of the illusion of a butterfly flying to the house. Sang-Kyu happens to know Mi-Wu, a singer, who loves Song Cheol-Ho but wanders in her life after his death. On the other hand, Yun-Jeong regains her consciousness with the help of an English psychicist and a nun. After Sang-Kyu has a sex with Mi-Wu, he falls out of the window and loses his consciousness. As she feels affection for Sang-Kyu, Mi-Wu becomes a butterfly in the soul world and leaves him.

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