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Marcel Grignon


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About Marcel Grignon

Marcel Grignon is a 107 years old male from Paris, France. Marcel is most well known for camera, and has 20 known credits, of which 20 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Marcel Grignon’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Marcel Grignon’s movies you should definitely watch Captain Fracasse (1961), as with 2.0 it is the highest rated movie Marcel has worked on!

  1. Captain Fracasse (1961)
  2. Rue de l'Estrapade (1953)
  3. The Seventh Company Has Been Found (1975)
  4. The Murdered Model (1948)
  5. Bloody Murder (1974)

1. Captain Fracasse (1961 Movie)

The best rated movie Marcel Grignon has been a part of is the adventure movie Captain Fracasse, where they had the role of camera. It has a rating on Friendspire of 2.0 and 6.1 on IMDb.

2. Rue de l'Estrapade (1953)

Rue de l'Estrapade has a rating on 6.8 on IMDb . Marcel Grignon worked on this comedy, romance, rom-com movie as camera.

3. The Seventh Company Has Been Found (1975)

In The Seventh Company Has Been Found Marcel Grignon was worked as director of photography. This action, comedy, war movie has a rating on 6.6 on IMDb.

4. The Murdered Model (1948)

This movie has a rating on 7.0 on IMDb. In The Murdered Model Marcel Grignon had the role of camera.

5. Bloody Murder (1974)

Marcel Grignon was a part of the movie Bloody Murder as camera. This crime movie has a rating 6.0 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

When was Marcel Grignon born?

Marcel Grignon’s birthday is on 9 November 1914.

What is Marcel Grignon’s gender?

Marcel Grignon is male.

Where was Marcel Grignon born?

Marcel Grignon was born in Paris, France.

What is Marcel most known for?

Marcel Grignon is most known for camera. Marcel has worked on 20 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Marcel Grignon’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Captain Fracasse, which has a score of 2.0.

Marcel’s Filmography

Executive producer. A ruined Baron Philippe de baron, meets one day a troupe of traveling actors led by Herod. Attracted by the one who plays the role of the ingenue: Isabella, and by the dynamism and enthusiasm of his companions, he takes the place of the deceased poet of the troupe. And during performances, Philippe became the captain Sunder. For his part, Isabelle loves Philip, but does not consider marriage, nobility him missing, she refuses to harm the career of Baron. And one day, the Duke of Vallombrosa, seduced by Isabella, finds himself challenged to a duel by Philippe for touching the girl. Defeated, he launched his men against Sunder, then removes Isabelle. The actors throw themselves then to storm the castle where she is being held. This time Vallombrosa was seriously injured, and the duke's own father, rushed to the scene, Isabelle discovers the girl he had once been an actress. Nothing stands now the union of Sunder and Isabella, under the tender gaze of the actors Herod and Scapin.

Executive producer. While Henri Laurent speeds along on the racing circuits, his pretty wife Françoise goes from luxury boutique to luxury boutique with her best friend Denise. One day, Denise lets her know that Henri has a lover. Outraged, Françoise moves out of marital home and rents a maids' room in Rue de l'Estrapade. Henri tries to get his wife back but Françoise does not listen. She even looks for a job in a prêt-à-porter shop and lets herself be courted by Robert, her neighbor across the landing...

Executive producer. Commissioner Malaise investigates a strange crime: a mannequin, stolen from the window of a tailor, is found stabbed... But his face of wax has the features of a certain Gilbert, who died a year earlier in a family, all of whose members will become more or less suspicious to the Commissioner. He thinks that, in spite of Dr. Furnelle's conclusions, Gilbert's death was not natural. But finding the cause of death and the identity of the possible culprit will require more than a mere intuition.

Executive producer. Hélène, an antique dealer and her husband Georges, a respected doctor, live in a beautiful property and gives everyone the image of conjugal happiness. The children, Daniel and Nadine, are busy with their studies and their loves. The bourgeois life of Hélène is troubled by the murder of her lover, Philippe, a friend of her son. She finds the body when she goes to one of their appointments. In shock, she still thinks to take away the address book of the victim where her name appears - object compromising for her marriage. The police are interested in her. A stranger blackmails her. She is caught in a gear that she can not get out of. She then suspects that all is a revenge from her husband.

Executive producer. Robert Lamoureux plays a General in the Resistance. With an unlikely team of French patriots, he easily outwits the buffoonish Germans and steals the master copy of their plans to invade England. By doing so, he prevents the invasion and makes it more likely that the Allies will win the war.

Executive producer. Set in tsarist Russia around the turn of the century and based on a true story of a Russian Jewish peasant Yakov Bog who was wrongly imprisoned for a most unlikely crime - the “ritual murder” of a Gentile child in Kiev. We witness the unrelenting detail of the peasant-handyman's life in prison and see him gain in dignity as the efforts to humiliate him and make him confess fail.

Executive producer. Manuel, a landowner in Jamaica, arrives in Paris on vacation. There he meets Olivia, a Spanish popular singer and falls in love. Olivia leaves Paris to play in a casino of the Riviera and Manuel follows her there. Maxime lives in Cannes, uncle of Olivia, a trickster who poses as a magician and has great influence on Annie, an eccentric billionaire. At the same time, Simeon, Annie's secretary tries to bribe the magician to influence Annie to accept to marry him, but as Maxime also wants to marry her, Simeon uses the services of a private detective. Manuel receives a telegram asking him to return to Jamaica. So, Annie proposes them a cruise aboard his yacht and invites Olivia.

Executive producer. During the First World War, the Empyrée Montmartre, a Paris music-hall, is dedicated to patriotic revues whose star is the charming Mitsou. The young artist is not without talent but she is mainly well-connected. She is indeed the cherished mistress of Pierre Duroy-Lelong, a rich industrialist. One night, thanks to Petite-Chose, an ebullient singer-dancer and her co-star, she gets to know a handsome army, Lieutenant Bleu. Mitsou falls madly in love with him and Lieutenant Bleu is physically attracted to her. The trouble is that Bleu comes from a distinguished family and cannot put up with her lack of culture and artistic bad taste...

Executive producer. A nun, the only survivor of an Indian massacre of a wagon train, is taken in by a cantankerous old gunfighter.

Executive producer. After ten years of marriage, Philippe and Catherine finally have the joy of having a baby: Julie. For these two extended teenagers, it's the end of night outings and improvised weekends. She is quickly overwhelmed and Philippe, who runs an advertising company, is not often there. On the other hand, the family - grandmother or godfather - is too much. And then she begins to choke. As a fashion designer, she first tries to work at home but can not share herself between her professional and maternal activities. Philippe tries to help her, in vain, then abandons to flee to Deauville for an extra-marital weekend. She will not forgive him and will disappear with Julie. And years go by before the little girl who grew up finds herself again between her mother and her father, accompanying her, for the first time, to school.

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