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Marco Valdovinos


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About Marco


18 December 1998

Place of Birth:

Ciudad de México, México

Marco’s Filmography

Executive producer. Kelevra continues being the main attraction in Kesselring's fair, and making stronger their partnership, as well, the relation between him and Lindsey. Meanwhile, Bordem and Gretchen start planing something to finish the glory of Kelevra.

As Dion. A young man is home alone, with no chances of leave the house by medical instructions. While the night gets darker, he begins to fear that something is around him. The paranoia goes higher, after the back door seems to be opened.

As Dr. Jake. Simon has been well know for the paranormal events he lived when he was a teenage. While people in the town don't believe him, some other people do. And other people tries hardly to share the evidence suporting him, as other try to do the oposite; everyone is trying to answer the question of do you believe in ghosts?

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