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As Mariko Yoshida. Collision in Korea was the largest professional wrestling pay-per-view event ever that was jointly produced by World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It took place over a period of two days on April 28 and 29, 1995, but did not air in North America until August 4, 1995, when WCW broadcast a selection of matches from the show on pay-per-view. The event was the first PPV from a North American wrestling promotion to be held in North Korea. The main event was Ric Flair versus Antonio Inoki. Other aired matches include The Steiner Brothers vs Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki, Tadao Yasuda vs Road Warrior Hawk, Shinya Hashimoto defending the IWGP Heavyweight Belt vs Scott Norton, and several other matches.

As Mariko Yoshida. The Big Egg Wrestling Universe was a professional wrestling event held by All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW) inside the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on November 20, 1994 and was attended by 32,500 fans. However, some sources claim the event was attended by over 42,000 fans. The event featured representatives from joshi promotions GAEA Japan (GAEA), JWP Joshi Puroresu (JWP) and Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling (LLPW), as well as puroresu promotions Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (MPW) and American wrestling promotion the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). In addition to female wrestlers, the event also featured matches with male wrestlers, midget wrestling, female amateur wrestlers, female kickboxers and female shootboxers. The event lasted lasted ten hours and was promoted as the biggest card in the history of women’s wrestling, featuring 23 matches of various styles.

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