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Mateusz Więcławek


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About Mateusz Więcławek

Mateusz Więcławek is a 29 years old male from Radomsko, Lódzkie, Poland. Mateusz is most well known for acting, and has 17 known credits, of which 14 are movies, and 3 are TV shows.

Mateusz Więcławek’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Mateusz Więcławek’s movies you should definitely watch All My Friends Are Dead (2020), as with 7.0 it is the highest rated movie Mateusz has worked on!

  1. All My Friends Are Dead (2020)
  2. Clergy (2018)
  3. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 (2021)
  4. Ridge (2019)
  5. Prosta historia o morderstwie (2016)

1. All My Friends Are Dead (2020 Movie)

The best rated movie Mateusz Więcławek has been a part of is the comedy, drama, thriller movie All My Friends Are Dead, where they had the role of Filip. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 5.8 on IMDb .

2. Clergy (2018)

Clergy has a rating on Friendspire of 6.0 and 7.4 on IMDb . Mateusz Więcławek worked on this drama movie as Senior Constable Borek.

3. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 (2021)

In Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 Mateusz Więcławek was worked as Toast the Knowing . This horror, thriller, comedy movie has a rating on Friendspire of 5.4 and 3.9 on IMDb .

4. Ridge (2019)

This drama, adventure movie has a rating on 6.6 on IMDb . In Ridge Mateusz Więcławek had the role of .

5. Prosta historia o morderstwie (2016)

Mateusz Więcławek was a part of the movie Prosta historia o morderstwie as Krystian Lach, brat Jacka. This crime, thriller movie has a rating 5.8 on IMDb .

Mateusz Więcławek’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Mateusz Więcławek’s shows you should definitely watch World on Fire (2019), as with 7.4 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. World on Fire (2019)
  2. Belfer (2016)
  3. Pułapka (2018)

1. World on Fire (2019)

The drama, war & politics TV show World on Fire has a rating Friendspire of 7.4 and 7.2 on IMDb . Mateusz Więcławek was Grzegorz Tomaszeski in this show!

2. Belfer (2016)

In Belfer Mateusz Więcławek was Jasiek Molenda. This crime show has a rating on Friendspire of 4.0 and 7.5 on IMDb .

3. Pułapka (2018)

The third highest rated TV show Mateusz Więcławek has worked on is the crime, drama series Pułapka, where Mateusz was Kamil. It has a rating on 6.4 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Mateusz Więcławek born?

Mateusz Więcławek’s birthday is on 2 August 1993 .

What is Mateusz Więcławek’s gender?

Mateusz Więcławek is male.

Where was Mateusz Więcławek born?

Mateusz Więcławek was born in Radomsko, Lódzkie, Poland.

What is Mateusz most known for?

Mateusz Więcławek is most known for acting. Mateusz has worked on 14 movies and 3 TV shows.

What is Mateusz Więcławek’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is All My Friends Are Dead, which has a score of 7.0.

What is Mateusz Więcławek’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is World on Fire, which has a score of 7.4.

Mateusz’s Filmography

As Grzegorz Tomaszeski. The story of World War II told through the intertwining fates of ordinary people from all sides of this global conflict as they grapple with the effect of the war on their everyday lives.

As Jasiek Molenda. The death of a young girl shakes the local community. At the same time Dobrowicach appears Paul Zawadzki. Who is? Why a teacher from a reputable school in Warsaw and takes a job in the country? Paul begins his own investigation. In the face of crime there is no room for half-truths. However, although we all here know and they know everything about each other, Paul, no one will say. Belfer is left alone.

As Senior Constable Borek. A few years back tragic events tied the fate of three Catholic priests. From then on they meet on every anniversary of the disaster to celebrate their survival. On an everyday basis they have their ups and downs. Lisowski works at the curia in a big city, has a career and is dreaming of the Vatican. Problem is, archbishop Mordowicz, an opulent church official who uses his political influence to build the largest sanctuary in Poland, gets in his way. The second priest, Trybus, is a village parson. He ministers to a poor community and gives in to human weaknesses more and more often. Kukuła is not faring well either. Despite his fervent faith, he loses the trust of his parishioners actually overnight. Soon the stories of the three clergymen are going to join once again.

Executive producer. The story is composed of fragments of lives lived in northern Scania. Some of them are mundane, while others border on the magical. But like shadows over the landscape, some protagonists are distinguished: Beata, a seasonal worker who comes to Sweden for the first time; Aaron, a young man with a broken heart returning to the place where he grew up, and Billie, a girl lost in her first summer vacation. As the film follows their lives, which slowly merge with the landscape.

As Adam Ulam. The warmhearted story of Polish immigrant and mathematician Stan Ulam, who moved to the U.S. in the 1930s. Stan deals with the difficult losses of family and friends all while helping to create the hydrogen bomb and the first computer.

As Janek Majchert. Days before the end of the school year, Liliana gives Janek an ultimatum, giving him 24 hours to either prove his love for her or forget about her altogether.

As Jacek Wesołowski. Conflicts between the scouts and boys in a reformatory at the common scout camp, are sometimes very strong. One of the scouts dies. Jacek does not trust the police, who recognizes that it was an unfortunate accident. Sam believes in a world of a crystalline division into evil and good. He begins a private investigation. He brings a strict regime to the camp.

As diler. Director of detention, director Nowacki (Janusz Gajos) finds Sergeant Zawada, who is hiding from the world (Robert Więckiewicz). An experienced officer returns to the game and gets a new task - he becomes the commander of the convoy, who is to transport a very dangerous prisoner to a psychiatric hospital. Members of his team are people with a complicated past. Among them is also Feliks (Tomasz Ziętek), full of ideals, privately the husband of Nowacki's daughter (Agnieszka Żulewska), who should never have found himself in a prisoner. The prison director, having lost control of the convoy, chases to repair, and may hide the uncomfortable truth for him. The real purpose of the convoy is slowly coming to light. Conflicts arise between men and tension increases, with unexpected twists every minute. From now on, justice can be done on its own.

As Jacek. Adam unexpectedly visits his family house at Christmas after a few years of working abroad. No family member knows about his secret plans and the real reasons of his visit.

As Młody Jan Zieja. A Security Service Major wishes to "buy" gullible priest Zieja and turn him into an agent who will discredit the opposition. The priest's interrogations become a natural pretext for a journey through the history of Poland in the twentieth century: from the Bolshevik war of 1920, through World War II, up to modern times. It turns out that the seemingly naive Father Zieja is actually a clever rebel.

As Kamil. Struggling to overcome her husband’s death and also looking for inspiration, crime novelist Olga Sawicka visits an orphanage where one of the children has gone missing. She soon finds that the orphanage hides many dark secrets and becomes entangled in a deadly dangerous investigation.

As Antoni Wilk w młodości. The story of a WWII tragedy in a Polish village mixed with the story of a wedding taking place in the same place 80 years later. A bitter look at a xenophobic community that forgets its own history.

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