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Michl Lang


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About Michl


16 January 1899

Place of Birth:

Kempten, Germany

Michl’s Filmography

As Farmer Moser. His grandpa gives the orphan boy Robbie a foal that they call "little brother". The boy loves the animal and wants to train it as a racing horse - but then his grandpa dies. Robbie's sister isn't old enough to care for themselves, so they get a guardian who decides to sell all the horses. Robbie hides his "little brother" at a farm, but it's hard for him to come up with the rent regularly..

As Polizist Wichtig. Berlin tongue encounters Munich lifestyle. A comedy around Oktoberfest. Movies, FRG, 1951 Fita Benkhoff, Paul Kemp, Liesl Karlstadt, etc. A Berlin producer of nerve healing, vitamin-enriched and expanding its life-prolonging lemonade stand in front of all the Schottenhammel at the Oktoberfest on - under the slogan helps Berlin Munich: an intolerable provocation. And then come the Saxons ... Turbulent comedy about beer, Oktoberfest and a lot of originals from Germany!

As Wirt der „Sonne“. Anny arrives in Munich to start a career as an actress, but soon ends up without money and job, sleeping on a park bench. When the police picks her up, she pretends to have amnesia and is taken to the police station. There she's surprised to get presented to her alleged parents. Not knowing yet what kind of game they play, she goes home with them and lets the rich couple coddle her.

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