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Miguel Villasis


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About Miguel

Miguel Villasis is a Filipino athlete, actor, model, and singer. He was born in Quezon City, Philippines. He took up karate when he was 6 years old and later on became a member of the Philippine National Team, representing the country in different international competitions in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. At 14 years old, he switched to basketball and played for the Letran Squires at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) Junior Basketball Tournament, then became a Varsity Pla... Read more


10 March 1997

Place of Birth:

Quezon City, Philippines

Miguel’s Filmography

As Thor Villasis. Ace, 23, and Miko, 17, desperately want to become famous actors but it seems the Universe has a different plan for their lives.

Executive producer. Charming but timid college student Mando is your typical hopeless romantic. He meets Barry, an out-and-proud basketball star who is practically a prince from a fairytale. The only thing spoiling Mando's happy ending is the fact that Barry already has a boyfriend. To move on, Mando goes out with liberated architecture student Krisha and the two become lovers. One fateful day, Barry walks back into Mando's life. Now, he needs to choose - will it be mind over heart or heart over mind?

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