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Mirdza Martinsone


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About Mirdza


16 August 1951

Place of Birth:

Riga, Latvian SSR, USSR [now Latvia]

Mirdza’s Filmography

Executive producer. In this movie (based on a true story) within a movie, a director tries to film the tale of an old KGB activist living in a parish house. In the summer of 1941 the activist tortured and killed Latvians in the cellar of the house. Although the old man hires others to brick over the cellar door, the murdered people keep coming through the stones and never leave him in peace. Unbeknownst to the film makers, the "real" KGB activist, now an aged drunk, is milling about the film set. Moreover, the director and lead actor are competing for the love of the lead actress, and the film's producer wants the director to re-shoot parts of the movie.

Executive producer. This time, in keeping with the best traditions of the first two parts, Mothers tells a beautiful, fascinating, lyrical and funny story of the three mothers that takes place in a small European town on New Year’s Eve. The three mothers are flying to Prague on New Year’s Eve.

As Jeannie Gordon. Tragic events in the lives of five people after they have stolen a car with one million dollars in the safe. This is the job they have all been waiting for. The job that will set them up for life. A million dollars split five ways, who wouldn't be interested? The only catch is that it's the very definition of impossible...or is it? Armed with a brilliant plan, the four men and one woman think they can crack it. But as tensions in the group begin to mount and things start to go wrong, the million dollars feels more out of reach than ever. Even though it is right with them...

As Judīte Žīraka. A young photographer Dimda is shot in the open courtyard surrounded by high-rise buildings who lived there in a communal apartment. Murder investigation at the same time is also becoming a psychological research.

Executive producer. It's a story about actor who, in in addition to his day job at the theater, is earning an extra money playing Sant Claus in kindergartens during the Xmas period.

As Forest mother. Little Tom Thumb's evil stepmother exploits him amd makes his life very hard, so the little shepherd boy decides to leave home and seek happiness in the world outside. There little Tom Thumb meets the Wind Mother, Forest Mother and a little old man on his way. Each of them gives him a chore to do that earns him a gift with magical power, which comes in handy when he has to defeat Scrooges, Lop-Eared Man and the Devil himself. While traveling in the world and looking for happiness, he realises he misses his grandmother and little sister...

As Ниёле, разведчик Красной армии с позывным «Беркут», литовка. Niyole, a Red Army spy is sent behind the enemy lines in order to hunt German general.

Executive producer. A coming-of-age drama about a thirteen-year old boy Ilmārs, who suddenly gets entangled in his parents' relationship crisis as well as experiences his own first romantic feelings, too.

As Klavdiya Petrovna. The action of the story takes place around the Christmas time, when, as usually, the most unbelievable miracles come to life. The story starts with Masha - future doctor and meanwhile an eager student of medical university, her best friend Lilka - a colorful and charismatic young lady who is always in search of man of her life, and Masha's grandfather, Andrei Ivanovich, who is her only relative - a kind but deeply sad amateur painter. The heroes live their ordinary lifes with their worries and laughs until at Christmas Eve they receive a phone call... Three Aunties, who named them self as distant relatives, announce their arrival within an hour. With their arrival the story becomes dashing and somehow magical.

Executive producer. The son of Martins Viksna, the collective farm chairman, Klavs comes home from the military service and starts working in his native kolkhoz but does not understand his colleagues, so he goes to town.

Executive producer. Roger Mills, a Harley Street specialist, is taking a sailing holiday on the Norfolk Broads. When his six guests find him at the tiller of his yacht with a smile on his face and a gunshot through his heart, all six fall under suspicion.

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