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Mushtaq Merchant


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Executive producer. Shalini wants her daughter, Jyoti, to get married with son of a wealthy man, Gulu. But Jyoti doesn't like Gulu. She meets Deepak and both fall in love. Shalini approves this match of Jyoti and Deepak. But Jyoti comes to know that Deepak is not a rich boy as he pretended all along the way.

Executive producer. A brave cop - who has always stood up to injustice and corruption - runs afoul of an influential gangster, when he is assigned to Mumbai.

Executive producer. This is about a boy brought up among bandits - can he have a change of heart? It is about rule of law, humanity, sacrifice, and bravery. A band of orphans come together helped by a doctor and a policeman to take revenge.

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