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Mykyta Kuzmenko


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About Mykyta


29 October 1989

Place of Birth:

Kyiv, Ukraine

Mykyta’s Filmography

Executive producer. Post-Soviet summer camp near Kyiv. Danya (16) prepares a special performance for the visit of his father, who is not living with him for a long time. However, Danya's father arrives earlier than expected and comes to the camp not alone.

Executive producer. Oksana and Tolik are married for more than 30 years. Oksana, as a dominant, thinks of Tolik as absolutely dependent. While buying clothes at the bazaar in Khmelnytskyi, Oksana asks Tolik to try on a T-shirt. He reluctantly goes behind the curtain and turns into a 7-year-old boy.

Executive producer. When she was five, Liza Volkova found her father, pistol in hands, standing next to her mother's dead body. That very day the father took the girl to the orphanage and left there. For 13 years the girl was planning her revenge, being bullied by peers. Having left the orphanage, Liza finds the shooting club, with the aim to hunt down and kill her father. However, she doesn't even suspect that she herself is someone else's target.

Executive producer. “Lives begin and end, but everything goes back to the earth.” A tour-de-force of cinematography and sound design, this captivating, award-winning documentary looks at three generations of sheepherders in the Carpathian Mountains. While father and son take their flock on their annual journey through the highlands, the 82-year-old widower Vasyl reflects on his past back home. A sublime look at the cycles of life and the waning of tradition.

Executive producer. Voduyrudu (Will, Thought, Movement, Spirit) is a folk-improvisational film-ballet, the origins of which are environment and time. This film is an act of revival of national culture, through the expressiveness of such independent elements of folk art as music and dance, displayed in the frame of the film, that transforms their action into a dynamic picture that will be tested only by faith and time.

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