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Nadia Nouamani


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Executive producer. 'Collision' centres on a married couple, Leo and Olivia. As they are facing a crisis in their marriage, their nine-year-old daughter, Liv, becomes a messenger between her mother and father. The film explores the break-up of a family and the decisions parents make in trying to find meaning and hope when everything is falling apart

As Trine. Arthur is obsessed to get the girl he loves the most, Sofie. He does everything to get her. But a little too much alcohol for a party turns out to be a stupid choice, in the middle of his heartaches!

As Zainab. Amna er plaget af søvnparalyse og har svært ved at koncentrere sig. Hun bor sammen med sin familie, som er rettroende muslimer, men er selv i tvivl om sin tro. Hun tager sit slør af, når hun er på universitetet i Odense, mens hun med sin mor i moskeen følger familiens religiøse traditioner.

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