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Nasir Ali


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About Nasir Ali

Nasir Ali is most well known for acting, and has 4 known credits, of which 4 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Nasir Ali’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Nasir Ali’s movies you should definitely watch Lady Boss (2005) Nasir has worked on!

  1. Lady Boss (2005)
  2. Kajarya (2015)
  3. Jutawan Fakir (2003)
  4. Anak Mami The Movie (2002)

1. Lady Boss (2005 Movie)

The best rated movie Nasir Ali has been a part of is the comedy movie Lady Boss, where they had the role of .

2. Kajarya (2015)

Kajarya has a rating on 6.5 on IMDb . Nasir Ali worked on this drama movie as Sub Inspector.

3. Jutawan Fakir (2003)

In Jutawan Fakir Nasir Ali was worked as Toast the Knowing.

4. Anak Mami The Movie (2002)

In Anak Mami The Movie Nasir Ali had the role of .

Frequently asked questions

When was Nasir Ali born?

Nasir Ali’s birthday is on 17 January 1953.

What is Nasir Ali’s gender?

Nasir Ali is male.

What is Nasir most known for?

Nasir Ali is most known for acting. Nasir has worked on 4 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Nasir Ali’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Lady Boss, which has a score of 0.0.

Nasir’s Filmography

Executive producer. Sheila is the spoilt daughter of Dato Ismail. Ever since she was young she always got what she wanted and now, tired by her attitude, her father offers her a challenge; run his company for two months. Accepting the challenge, Sheila becomes the 'lady boss' of the company, but things are not all smooth-sailing for the obnoxious Sheila.

As Sub Inspector. Set in the present times against two backdrops, New Delhi with its shining buildings and apparent cosmopolitan veneer thinly veils an underbelly of crimes against women and corruption at all levels. And a small village just 80 kilometers from New Delhi that is stuck in a time warp. Kajarya a woman in her early thirties has a strange but important place in the village social structure; she murders unwanted girl infants in the garb of religion. Meera is a rookie reporter.

As Encik Market Singh. Fakir Bin Miskin works as an office boy in a company in the city. A comical character with a good heart, Fakir is well liked by his colleagues at work, though occasionally gullible as his girlfriend, Zura, is always sucking his money dry. One day he stumbles upon a bag of money, which leaves him feeling undoubtedly fortunate. From then on, Fakir's life becomes a breeze. He no longer is bogged down with debts, and his girlfriend no longer looks down on him. He even donates his money to the needy. But he soon finds out that the money he found was actually stolen. Disturbed, Fakir begins a quest of returning the stolen money to its rightful owner.

Executive producer. The movie centers around Aniq who lives in Penang with his two sisters Aisya and Sabrina. He meets and falls in love with Amelia but that was where problem arose, because of the traditional standards that both families' practices, which require their children to be match-make by their parents to the spouse of their (the parents) choices. Not wanting to give up, the two love birds eventually cooked up a devious plan where they tricked their parents into believing that they are joining a "family adoption program", where Aniq will stay in Amelia's family for some time and vice versa for Amelia to Aniq's family, in hope of winning over the hearts of their potential in-laws. This is, of course, where the fun begins...

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