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About Natalya

A professional Director, a student of G. M. Kozlova (SPATHI). She made her debut on the stage of the children's theater "Smile" at the age of 13. With 17 years-worked actress in theater-Studio "Neo", where, however, not was truly demand. In 1988, Natalia left the theater and soon got into the theater Studio at the Palace of Culture. Gorky under the leadership of Tatiana Zakharova, from which grew the theater "cosmopolitan", recently renamed the "Theater workshop 21". Today she works in the the... Read more


13 October 1969

Place of Birth:

Leningrad, USSR [now Saint Petersburg, Russia]

Natalya’s Filmography

As Первая женщина. Two young men and two girls on a moonlit night confess to each other in their strange fantasies and loves that go beyond the usual standards.. The impetus to making the film was the book of the same name by the Russian religious philosopher Vasily Rozanov, who died 100 years ago. His treatise was devoted to the study of sexuality and its denial in Christianity. The film was made in the style of experimental films of the 1920s with a non-linear narration full of strange surrealistic images. He is black and white and devoid of dialogue. Filmed on film 16 mm of firm "Svema", released in the USSR. This added to his exoticism. The image was put to the music of Alexander Scriabin “The Poem of Ecstasy” (1907).

Executive producer. Black people, red dwarfs, idols on bronze steeds, shadow of geniuses and heroes. This is not story about Hades from an ancient history textbook. This is Sankt-Petersburg In mystical literary tradition such as he is. A pomposity, an open space and - deathness. There is no gleam in the sky, Neva looked like poured by a lead, a crude air presses and can not pass through lungs, which are already struck by bacillus Kochii, and there are around ominous frights, threatening to punish for an unknown offence. And even white nights are bad. It looks as if you can meet phantom of a Poet which was tortured at thirtieth years of any of the last centuries. Be careful with monuments. They fond of walk along town quays (as told us Poushkin - he brings luck!). And do not trust this Neva prospectus. City - phantom, evolved from a bog which is refuge of evil spirits. Brilliant St.-Petersburg.

As Ева. The plot begins with them and ends with humanity. This author wanted to show continuity: the first love and the supposed last is an indivisible whole of one eternal Love.

As First girlfriend. Mockumentary experimental film, which shows one day in the life of a young man. The action takes place on the Day of Soviet Cosmonautics, April 12, one of the last years of the USSR. Outside the window, it is gradually getting warmer, the onset of spring is felt, promising hope for the possibility of changes in the country. The hero of the film is fond of space. The young man, who idolizes Gagarin, is engaged in reconstruction, making the uniform in which the cosmonaut walked in the prime of his glory. Our hero is also a film enthusiast. He makes films with stories of space flights and shows them to his friends. The film is stylized as amateur films of the 1980s and was shot on a 16-mm color film made by the company" Svema", made in the Soviet Union. The quality of this film allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the time of the film, which is dedicated to Soviet cosmonautics and Edward D. Wood Jr.

As Девушка у стены. "There will be no winters" - a film consisting of 14 short novels, each with its own plot and a musical theme. In fact, this is a screen version of the same album of Russian avant-garde singer Leonid Fedorov.

As Актриса. The film was shot as the final part of the play "Drink the sea, Xanthos" theatre-Studio "NEO" (St. Petersburg 1987-1989). As a result, the performance was changed and the film gained independence. He became an allegory of acting.

Executive producer. The film "Nights full moon" shows the tendency of moral decay in society. The main character is torn apart by internal contradictions, leading him to the path of Evil. Bans on self-identification - philosophical, existential, sexual, and then permissiveness spawn a monster that is not aware of its true nature and genuine desires. Throughout the film-trilogy, the protagonist goes through a series of temptations that ruin his soul and lead, after all, to a madhouse. In a general sense, the film allegorically shows the tragic path of the Russian lumpen intellectual, lost between the past and the present, not finding the strength to accept and comprehend the unexpected changes that happened in our country twenty years ago. In the global sense - the tragic circle of Russian history.

As Maria. Saw and imagined in the children's fantasy the story of grandmother of Christ and the Apostles a little girl. Today few people remember that just a few decades ago in the village houses next to the icons you could still see the popular prints on religious themes. They finally disappeared from use only in the 60-ies of the last century. Of course, their creators were not professional painters or connoisseurs of theology. Drew, as best they could, she felt, not knowing neither rules nor laws. Simple uneducated people, nuggets, sought to glorify God with their creativity, that resonates in the hearts of those of peasants or artisans as they are.

As Марья Ивановна. The tragicomedy of the absurd, is based on the works of Daniil Kharms (1905-1942). Trying to recreate reality 30s, who came to the flowering of creativity Harms, the director plays the style of filming, acting at that time and enters into the picture, "the aged" sound. Thus, it is possible to achieve maximum reliability of the author's text and sound to help the viewer to immerse themselves in the atmosphere in which he lived and worked classic absurdity. This is - a world of illusions, allusions and associations, reflecting a stream of consciousness of the creator living in an era of silence.

Executive producer. The loneliness of man before nature. Loneliness in the urban environment. Loneliness as a way of life. Alone in front of myself - The film is dedicated to the artists of "Silver age" or "Fin de Siecle". This dedication applies primarily to Kazimir Malevich, and Edvard Munch.

Executive producer. Romantic fantasy based on "two songs" Marina Tsvetaeva riddled melancholy fleeting meetings and partings long -. A favorite theme times late Silver Age, which came at the beginning of the Great War.

As The Girl. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish dreams from reality. What is a dream? Oblivion or flight? Dream collaboration with a love that no choice could suddenly seize every Love is invisibly present in everything:. In burning candles, trembling petals, or the whisper of the wind trembling wings of a butterfly - Failure to nowhere, drop into eternity, infinity soaring - Plast problems and worries of everyday savings, suffering, expectations. But then: dive in yourself, in its essence, in its original And the gap:. dizziness, drop, hover, dive into the freshness of dew, moisture, spring - Finally: enlightenment, cleansing , clarity of thought, the joy of existence. And then, the flight again, merger and dissolution of eternity.

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