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Nicolás Scarpino


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About Nicolás Scarpino

Nicolás Scarpino is a 49 years old male from Argentina. Nicolás is most well known for acting, and has 9 known credits, of which 8 are movies, and 1 are TV shows.

Nicolás Scarpino’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Nicolás Scarpino’s movies you should definitely watch Nocturna - The Great Old Man's Night (2020), as with 8.0 it is the highest rated movie Nicolás has worked on!

  1. Nocturna - The Great Old Man's Night (2020)
  2. Granizo (0)
  3. Vendado y frío (1999)
  4. Amapola (2014)
  5. Under Flag (1997)

1. Nocturna - The Great Old Man's Night (2020 Movie)

The best rated movie Nicolás Scarpino has been a part of is the drama, thriller, horror movie Nocturna - The Great Old Man's Night, where they had the role of . It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.0 and 7.1 on IMDb.

2. Granizo (0)

Granizo has a rating on Friendspire of 7.2. Nicolás Scarpino worked on this movie as .

3. Vendado y frío (1999)

In Vendado y frío Nicolás Scarpino was worked as Toast the Knowing. This comedy, horror movie has a rating on 5.1 on IMDb.

4. Amapola (2014)

This drama movie has a rating on 4.9 on IMDb. In Amapola Nicolás Scarpino had the role of Lalo.

5. Under Flag (1997)

Nicolás Scarpino was a part of the movie Under Flag as Rosen. This movie has a rating 5.9 on IMDb.

Nicolás Scarpino’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Nicolás Scarpino’s shows you should definitely watch Los Únicos (2011) has been a part of!!

  1. Los Únicos (2011)

1. Los Únicos (2011)

The action & adventure, comedy, romance, rom-com TV show Los Únicos has a rating 6.2 on IMDb. Nicolás Scarpino was Elvis Llano in this show!

Frequently asked questions

When was Nicolás Scarpino born?

Nicolás Scarpino’s birthday is on 1 December 1972.

What is Nicolás Scarpino’s gender?

Nicolás Scarpino is male.

Where was Nicolás Scarpino born?

Nicolás Scarpino was born in Argentina.

What is Nicolás most known for?

Nicolás Scarpino is most known for acting. Nicolás has worked on 8 movies and 1 TV shows.

What is Nicolás Scarpino’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Nocturna - The Great Old Man's Night, which has a score of 8.0.

What is Nicolás Scarpino’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is Los Únicos, which has a score of 0.0.

Nicolás’s Filmography

Executive producer. Ulysses is a hundred-year-old man, he lives alone and is on the verge of death. The last night of his life, he will experience something that will force him to rethink his past, his present and his sight about his reality. Tortured by remorse of guilt, confused by his senile dementia, he must make a last effort to reach his death in freedom or to become a soul in sorrow in eternal return.

As Elvis Llano. Los únicos is an Argentine superhero live-action television series aired by El Trece in the prime time. The "uniques" are a superhero team working as a covert operation unit.

As Lalo. A romantic reimagining of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream set against the turbulent backdrops of the 1962 Argentinian military coup and the 1982 war for the Falkland Islands.

As Rosen. Argentina: 1969: Major Molina has been sent to a military outpost in southern Patagonia to investigate the brutal murder of soldier Lito. The harsh weather conditions of Patagonia reflect the strict and cruel way in which the Colonel Hellman and his officers direct the garrison. Gradually comes to light that Lito was drugged by a fellow, Reppeto, and therefore was unable to participate in an unexpected military exercise at night. For his "disobedience", Lito was beaten to death. Molina seeks justice, aided by the deceased's family and the village priest. However, he is forced to abandon the case when the military forces take the power in Buenos Aires. Years later, with democracy finally restored in Argentina, the case will be reopened causing the abolition of military service and the military justice system.

As Paco. During a period of political upheaval, three friends, later to be joined by the fourth, Pimpi, a Peronist youth activist, rent a place in Mar de Ajó for three summers to set up a disco.

Executive producer. Two men, a woman, a chimpanzee and a talking horse travel around Argentina to put together a movie

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