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Executive producer. Nicole and Kristan are a queer Bay Area couple who want to adopt a child from foster care. As they prepare to have their home inspected, they child-proof their apartment and invite a couple of kids over to examine their handy work. Will they pass the safety check?

Executive producer. During the last days of summer before college, two Oakland teens (Leila Mottley, Ajai Kasim) explore what it means to be young Black artists in their rapidly gentrifying city. An intimate feeling of eavesdropping permeates this sun-soaked tour of neighborhood sights and sounds, as they both realize they're on the cusp of personal and community-wide change.

Executive producer. 16 year-old Juan Carlos was homeless on the streets of Mexico City for years before landing at IPODERAC, a social enterprise that houses runaway boys and supports them through the production and sale of artisanal cheese. It is here, among goats, cheese and 71 new brothers that Juan Carlos transforms from a victim to a leader, shattering everyone's expectations of him and proving the power of forgiveness.

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