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Nienke Plas


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About Nienke


3 April 1986

Place of Birth:

Purmerend, Netherlands

Nienke’s Filmography

As Pam. Incurable romantic Lotte finds her life upended when her plans for a picture-perfect wedding unravel -- just as her self-absorbed sister gets engaged.

As Kiki. F*ck de Liefde is a romantic comedy "with a bite" in which three crazy love stories come together. Lisa is divorcing Jack and is at the end of her wits. After a few attempts by Jack to get her back, Lisa's friends decide to take her on a trip to Curaçao. The first days on the sunny island are rough for Lisa, until she meets the charming world traveler Jim. The fickle Jack, in turn, plunges deep into the bachelor life and ends up in bed with the seductive Cindy. Bo, Cindy's sister, has been married to Said for 10 years. Said has lost his job, but keeps this secret from his wife, who becomes increasingly suspicious because of his mysterious behavior. Bo, on the other hand, is making a career and starting to spend more and more time with her attractive boss ... Who survives love?

As Esther. Elvy is making every effort to win the Future Fashion Award in Ibiza. She meets a lot of special people, from world-famous DJs and stressed-out Beach Club owners, to fashion influencers and the daughter of a famous fashion icon. It will be the adventure of her life, but in the end it’s very different from what she had imagined...

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