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As Mariri. Eddy is the detective of a general store. His girl is Barbara who works in the same store. Barbara receives a gift, a bottle of scent, and later she dies burned. Police detective Turoni begins to investigate and Eddy, wanting to revenge Barbara, does the same. Another girl, Porzia, is murdered in the same way and Eddy finds out that the motive of the crimes dates back some fifteen years.

As Juanita. David must fight for his life against the gangsters who killed his brother for a CD filled with proof of their illegal activities. When David gets possession of the CD they go down to Mexico where David lives as a shark hunter. Who will get David first, the gangsters or the shark?

As Tamara. Alex Ritt, a music video director comes to Italy to direct a video for pop sensation Stefania Stella. He soon encounters a mysterious killer who videotapes his victims for the police. As the horrible murders continue, Ritt is unknowingly pushed into the killer's games and he soon becomes a target of the police. The video-killer is on the loose and Ritt must find out the truth before it's too late.

Executive producer. Continuation of "I miei primi 40 anni" The sentimental and erotic adventures drawn from the true story of Marina Ripa di Meana continue.

As herself. A documentary about "The Squallor", Italy's first and most successful "ghost band" project, created by four big bosses of 70's-80's Italian music business.

As Marina Addezio Giordano. The daily events of the inhabitants of the "Palladini Palace" are intertwined with each other between love stories and deceptions, and the splendid Gulf of Naples as a background.

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